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Hello I was Wondering If Going to Atlanta Job cOrps Is good?

by tom44 on March 4, 2013

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Question by CollegeChick: Hello I was Wondering If Going to Atlanta Job cOrps Is good?
I am currently attending Cincinnati Job Corp and I hate it here even though this is my home city I want to go down south to see if I can excel down there in Atlanta,Ga.Dose anyone have some info?

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Answer by Chel
I have heard very bad things about the Atlanta center. When I was applying, the center director wasn’t even accepting anyone because of the problems on the center. My recommendation to you is seek out a smaller center. Most are going to be a bit more strict, but there are less people and less problems to encounter. I attended Pine Knot in Kentucky and it was pretty good. We went on trips every week, movies twice a month (every other weekend) and on the other weekends there were trips to water parks, zoos, kings island, hockey games, basketball games, haunted houses and so so much more! Plus my staff were friendly and got to know the students, the door was always open to anyone needing to talk no matter what time it was. Just look into a few centers, once again I would recommend a small center over a large one.

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