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Healthcare Consulting Jobs In Las Vegas, NV

by tom44 on August 25, 2012

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Governor Mitt Romney speaking at the University of Las Vegas, Nevada on May 16, 2011. He speaks on the 2012 campaign, healthcare, the economy, education, and the Republican Party.
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8 thoughts on “Healthcare Consulting Jobs In Las Vegas, NV

  1. emptybei says:

    I couldn’t agree more, Nightshadow! Check this out – it’s not sound bites & it’s not in-your-face sensationalism, typical of most folks’ TV sources.
    It’s a respected academic lecturing at an Oregon University.
    As you say – it’s not? about Donkeys and Elephants.
    This system has been in place for a long time. Paste this into youtube:
    Noam Chomsky – Global Hegemony: the Facts, the Images, April 20, 2011.
    Also look into “Manufacturing Consent.”

  2. nightshadow73 says:

    people in companies can donate to whomever they want to. I’m sure Bain has plenty of people of all political stripes working? there. Somehow, I don’t think “are you a republican” is one of the interview questions.

  3. 1stRogue says:

    No you idiot, it’s because he was meeting with a small group of students and he decided to talk? to the local media that showed up. He’s on a walkway speaking unprepared remarks. This wasn’t a large event. I know, I was part of the group.

  4. syborius says:

    you know why the sides are CUT OUT? Because the fucking room is nearly? empty…They are selling you an empty suit to an empty audience because this fake has ZERO SUPPORT. It is all smoke and mirrors.

  5. emptybei says:

    Between January and September 2011, Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital gave Barack Obama $27,500!
    So far this year, Bain Capital donated $123,200 to? the DNC. They also donated to a Romney super PAC; $1.25 million!
    Romney’s companies have sent 25% of this year’s donations to the Democrats, while in 2008, 2/3 of their money went to Obama!
    It’s corporate shills and status quo regardless of donkeys and elephants.
    Please give Ron Paul some consideration. I’m not a kid; I’m a university professor.

  6. vechorik says:

    Can the Tea Party? and Libertarians unite?
    Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, Judge Napolitano, Ron Paul

  7. vechorik says:

    Don’t vote until you understand some things:

    1. The? difference between a neo-conservative and a conservative:
    definition and names: /watch?v=nuefjIYKkjE

    2. United Nations Agenda 21 and ICELI. Here’s a liberal lady talking to a Tea Party group about it:

    3. Tea Party Split: Sarah Palin and Ron Paul discuss Israel/drugs/more
    Chinese invade Texas: /watch?v=BHrkc6EB6h0
    Ron Paul crazy? drugs, gays, prostitution /watch?v=a9nFcLV_W88

  8. 11joutube says:

    I had hoped you would have been the Republican Nominee in the last Presidential election, but, unfortunately, except for Sara Palin being on the ticket, that campaign was very boring. Now, I give you kudos for getting back in this race and wish you well. ? Being from Minnesota, I am also proud of Tim Pawlenty’s record as Governor and Michelle Bachmann’s efforts in Congress etc.. May the best ‘conservative’ candidate win! We need all of you to help out our country!

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