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Health Care Reform: Coverage Between Jobs

by tom44 on August 23, 2012

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Health care reform is economic reform. If we are to restore our economy and secure our nation’s fiscal future, now is the time to make health care more affordable for American families, businesses, and government. Senate Democrats today highlighted the increasing number of Americans who have lost health insurance during the economic downturn — estimated to be more than 3.4 million. “Those numbers are about real people,” said Senator Patty Murray. “That’s why we are working so hard to make sure we protect what is good within health care today, we improve what is not, and we provide access to care for millions of Americans.”
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The ready availability of jobs in the growing federal government attracted many to Washington in the 1960s, and middle class African-American neighborhoods prospered. Despite the end of legally mandated racial segregation, the historic neighborhoods of Shaw, the H Street Northeast corridor, and Columbia Heights, centered at the intersection of 14th and U Streets Northwest, remained the centers of African-American commercial life in the city. As word of King’s murder in Memphis, Tennessee spread on the evening of Thursday, April 4, crowds began to gather at 14th and U. Stokely Carmichael, the Trinidad and Tobago-born activist and Howard University graduate, had parted with King in 1966, and had been removed as head of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee in 1967, but led members of the SNCC to stores in the neighborhood demanding that they close out of respect. Although polite at first, the crowd fell out of control and began breaking windows. By 11pm, widespread looting had begun, as well as in over 30 other cities. Mayor-Commissioner Walter Washington ordered the damage cleaned up immediately the next morning. However, anger was still evident when Carmichael addressed a rally at Howard warning of, and threatening violence on Friday morning and after the close of the rally, crowds walking down 7th Street NW came into violent confrontations with police, as well as in the H Street NE corridor. By midday, numerous buildings were on fire, with firefighters attacked
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4 thoughts on “Health Care Reform: Coverage Between Jobs

  1. Trumanwuzdabomb says:

    I spent 3 days on the 7th’ street corridor.

    Notice the soldiers with guns. Not a bullet in any one of them.

    The police came through tossinf tear gas grenades out the window, we had no masks for tear? gas only our Scott-Paks and we needed the for other things. They issued us tear gas masks about 6 months after the riots.

    We had no way to be fed and no way to get gasoline to the Fire Apparatus. The Fire Dept.put plan E into effect called in the off duty shift, It was hard finding your relief

  2. skgreenwell says:

    Sorry, but it’s not. I live in DC and was around at the time. See the DCFD coats? on the firemen? Rodman’s drug in Memphis? Don’t think so. It;s a small chain in DC. Silver Slipper? DC.

  3. actoman1 says:

    they also had a race riot in washington DC in 1919? now that was a sick riot

  4. turbolaser92 says:

    You should re upload it with music..? the pictures are great!

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