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Headlamp, DanForce LED Headlamp Rechargeable 2019 Version, CREE 1080 Lumens Brightest Zoomable head lamp flashlight. Headlight USB Rechargeable, IPX45 HeadLamps. Best For Camping, Outdoors, Adults.

by tom44 on April 10, 2019

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Headlamp, DanForce LED Headlamp Rechargeable 2019 Version, CREE 1080 Lumens Brightest Zoomable head lamp flashlight. Headlight USB Rechargeable, IPX45 HeadLamps. Best For Camping, Outdoors, Adults.

  • LIGHT THE WAY – Never get left in the dark with the DanForce headlamp flashlight! This ultra-bright, 1080 lumens headlamp features 3 Original LED bulbs to shine stronger, brighter, and longer than you ever thought possible.
  • ALL-WEATHER READY – You’re prepared for anything, and your gear should be, too! DanForce head lamps are built to withstand all work and weather conditions, from extreme heat to bone-chilling cold. Plus, the air-tight rubber sealing protects the LED headlamp rechargeable battery from dust, ice, and water, for ultimate dependability
  • AMERICAN DESIGN, ENGINEER TESTED – Looking for a durable, long lasting, headlamp? DanForce’s bright headlamp is in a class of its own! Designed in the USA to meet the highest engineering standards, this 1080 lumen headlamp features 4 light modes and a 90-degree adjustable lamp head. Easily change your focus from broad illumination to a narrow, long-range beam, and cast a bright and powerful light exactly the way you need it.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE COMFORT – This head lamp isn’t just tough, it’s also designed for maximum comfort. Enjoy temperature control, thanks to the sweat-resistant headband. And with the adjustable sizing, it’ll be the only waterproof headlamp you’ll need – from your lantern while camping in the great outdoors, to a hard hat light, to a bike helmet light, and beyond!
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Gain the confidence to go hard with DanForce! Get the best Headlight Flashlight d build-in red LED, perfect for use in emergencies and when you need extra long-range visibility. Plus, it all comes backed by an unbeatable 7-YEAR WARRANTY and satisfaction guarantee.

List Price: $ 29.97

Price: $ 29.97

419° Roasted Organic Enema Coffee (1LB) For Unmatchable Enema & Gerson Cleanses. 100% USDA Certified Pre-Ground Organic Beans. Made in Seattle.

  • ? SPECIFICALLY CREATED FOR ENEMAS | Our coffee is uniquely roasted at 419° F to a medium/light coloration (as recommended by Gerson guidelines). This gives it the highest amount of palmitic acid possible to provide the best results for enemas.
  • ? 100% USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC | Certified by the Washington State Dept. of Agriculture to ensure no toxic chemical pesticides or fertilizers have been used. Our coffee is carefully prepared in Seattle by professional roasters.
  • ? SPECIALITY GRADE BEANS | Inspected under the official coffee “q-grade” system to be free of primary defects and bad odors. Rigorous testing of our coffee is carried out to give you peace of mind and ensure the bean type and consistency in aligned with Gerson Therapy guidelines.
  • ? PRE-GROUND COFFEE BEANS | Already finely ground (for maximum caffeine levels) and silver foil packed to ensure freshness is locked in whilst providing maximum convenience. This enema coffee blend comes ready for use straight out of the packet.
  • ? ARABICA PERUVIAN BEANS | Sourced from Peru then roasted, and ground in house to ensure 100% purity of the beans. Grown high in the Peruvian mountains, these beans are believed to be the first species of coffee ever to be cultivated.

Why We Roast At 419° F For Unmatchable Results

Palmitic acid is said to help increase the effects of the liver in detoxification through coffee enemas.

After extended research and consultation into the coffee roasting process, what we discovered was that the melting point of palmitic acid is precisely 419° F and not a degree higher.

This means that when our coffee is roasted we have the highest possible palmitic acid available from the beans, whilst also retaining

List Price: $ 32.00

Price: $ 20.99

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