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having a job as medicial assistant or cna help with experience?

by tom44 on November 3, 2012

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Question by purple: having a job as medicial assistant or cna help with experience?
does having a job as MA or CNA help with experience when becoming a new graduate as an RN in nyc. i want get my associates degree.

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Answer by 🙂
absolutely. any kind of field generally will end up hiring someone who has experience over someone who does not.

I know it may not be fun at first starting off with a lower ranking position, but that’s what you have to do. people work their way up.

best of luck!

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2 thoughts on “having a job as medicial assistant or cna help with experience?

  1. Juli says:

    Okay, while the first person that answered was correct in a general sense regarding jobs, I want to give you some suggestions that are specific for nursing.

    Unless you are already a Medical Assistant, DO NOT waste time (and a year of your life) on a Medical Assisting program. MAs are not part of nursing and other than those that work in an urgent care clinic, most all are employed during the week in a medical office. Those hours aren’t exactly conducive to nursing school clinicals.

    As far as a CNA….unless you NEED to work while you are getting your Associates (as far as paying your rent and putting food on the table), I would not go for that either.

    Neither CNA or MA counts for “experience” when applying for an RN or new grad nurse position that states “experience preferred”. They are talking about actual nursing experience…not what an MA does in an office and not CNA duties. The best thing for you to do if you are seeking “real nursing” experience is to get a paid Student Nurse Extern position AFTER you have completed a semester of clinicals. I cannot say what the duties for Student Nurse Externs are in NYC, but in many, many places across the US, they can do everything an RN can with the exception of pushing IV meds, hanging blood products, taking verbal orders over the phone from an MD, and they cannot perform a primary assessment. Other than that, under the supervision of an RN that they are usually paired with, they can pass meds, start IVs, draw blood, teach the patient, etc. The best part of being of Student Nurse Extern is that you are usually hired as a new grad in your unit. You already have experience, the staff knows you, and this day and age, hospitals do like to hire from within (it’s more cost effective).

  2. mildred f says:

    I was a CNA for a while, while attending RN school. In my RN school, the CNA part, physical care, was covered by one book. Class time was 10 minutes. The instructor said, “Who doesn’t know how to make a hospital bed?” The CNA only gives you an idea of how hard you will always have to work. That’s all.

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