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Have There Been Any Serial Killer with University Degrees?

by tom44 on July 17, 2013

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Question by Thomas: Have There Been Any Serial Killer with University Degrees?
Or have they all been underachievers with few credentials?

Note: Not counting Doctor Death.

Best answer:

Answer by Jon
Ted Bundy had a Bachelor’s in Psychology

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2 thoughts on “Have There Been Any Serial Killer with University Degrees?

  1. screaming_through_insanity says:

    Ted Bundy was initially viewed as an unlikely suspect by skeptical authorities, because he was clean-cut, intelligent, and in law school. He had a promising career in law and politics ahead of him, and attended the 1968 Republican National Conference as a Rockefeller delegate. A shallow first impression of Bundy always revealed a model citizen. He even worked at a suicide crisis hotline, helping people, where he was described as kind and empathetic.

  2. xo379 says:

    Most do not have a college degree…many of them had awful childhoods and/or were too mentally disturbed to get through college and/or were not well off enough to attend college. Some did end of graduating, though:

    –Rodney Alcala, the “Dating Game Killer” — Graduated from UCLA School of Fine Arts. Later attended New York University using the alias “John Berger”, where he studied film under Roman Polanski (not sure if graduated from NYU though)
    –Timothy Krajcir — Admintrative Justice degree minor in psychology from Southern Illinois U Carbondale
    –Andrew Phillip Cunanan — UC San Diego; majored in American history
    –Donald Miller – Michigan State (not sure if graduated)
    –Dennis Rader (BTK killer) – Butler Community College; associate’s degree in Electronics; also went to Wichita State U and got a bachelor’s in Administration of Justice
    –Randy Steven Kraft – Claremont McKenna College (not sure if he graduated from there, but he did end up getting a degree in Economics from some college)
    –Herb Mullin – Cabrillo College, Engineering (not sure if he graduated.)
    –Paul Bernardo – U Toronto (not sure if he graduated)
    –Randall Woodfield — Portland State (not sure if graduated)
    –John Wayne Gacy — Northwestern Business College, graduated 1963 (even though he never graduated from high school!)
    –Dr. H.H. Holmes — Graduated from University of Michigan Medical School in 1884
    –Michael Bruce Ross — Cornell U; studied agricultural economics (not sure if graduated)
    –Gerard John Schaefer — Florida Atlantic U
    –Joseph Michael Swingo — Quincy College; graduated summa cum laude. Later graduated from Southern Illinois U School of Medicine
    –Ted Bundy — U Puget Sound, then transferred to U Washington to study Chinese (dropped out in 1988). Later enrolled for one semester at Temple U. Re-enrolled at U Washington and graduated with a degree in Psychology. Known as a very smart guy.

    A number attended but dropped out:

    –Leonard Lake — San Jose State U (dropped out after a semester)
    –Charles Ng — Notre Dame de Namur U (dropped out after a semester)
    –Jeffrey Dahmer – Ohio State
    –Joel Rifkin – Nassau Community College (I think he dropped out)
    –Charles Albright – U North Texas (not sure if graduated); later went to Arkansas State Teacher’s College and majored in pre-med (expelled)
    –Carl Eugene Watts — Lane College; got a football scholarship; expelled after 3 months
    –Melvin Rees — U Maryland in College Park. ” Classmates at UMD would later recall Rees being a talented musician, showing skill with the saxophone, piano, and clarinet. Rees dropped out of UMD before he could graduate, ostensibly to pursue a musical career.”

    Most held jobs. A number of them were also enlisted in the Army/Air Force/Navy/Marines at some point

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