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Has anyone actually gone to any broadcasting schools in the DFW area?

by tom44 on September 12, 2013

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Question by choosingtobeg: Has anyone actually gone to any broadcasting schools in the DFW area?
If so did you like it? Do you feel like it was worth it? How much difficulty do you have finding a job in that field? Any info someone can offer would be great! Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by brdcstr
I went to a broadcasting school in Washington D.C. called the Broadcasters & Sportscasters Mentoring Group, which utilizes a mentor-apprentice approach to becoming a broadcaster. Because of the way they’re set up, they also operate in DFW, as well.

Matter of fact, current Dallas Mavs broadcaster, Chuck Cooperstein, is one of their mentors that has trained students for a career in sports broadcasting in your area.

I had a little experience as a business and medical talk host, but needed to take my learning to the next level.

I had checked into traditional brick and mortar broadcasting schools, such as the Columbia School of Broadcasting, but settled on BMG because it made the most sense for getting my foot in the door.

“If so did you like it?”

Yes, very much so. I was interested in becoming a sportscaster, so they placed me for training with Andy Pollin at WTEM, who served as my mentor for 6 months.

Andy not only personally trained me, but also sent me out on assignments. I covered Maryland and Georgetown basketball games, DC United soccer games, some Baltimore Ravens games and even a few boxing matches.

“Do you feel like it was worth it?”

Absolutely. The training for me was as realistic as it comes. Until then, I had never been inside a professional locker room interviewing players and coaches. It was a little nerve racking at first, but after awhile, I became more prepared and saw first-hand what the industry was all about.

“How much difficulty do you have finding a job in that field?”

BMG has a well thought out job placement program in which they offered my mentor a cash bonus for getting me hired. Even though nothing opened up at WTEM when I was training, when I moved to L.A. right after my training was up, Andy helped me get something out here doing color analysis for Cal State Fullerton basketball.

Having his reference alone probably was enough to put me over the top, and i’m sure the bonus he got for contributing to getting me hired was a part of his motivation for pushing so hard.

Even though sports is the direction I went, BMG also provides training for people looking to become radio Dj’s, talk show hosts and newscasters, as well.

Even if CSB was still open in DFW, the hands-on approach BMG takes makes it a broadcasting school that is more realistic, and enabled me to prove myself to people in the business.

Hope this helps.

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