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Halo 5 News Coverage – New Tech, & Jobs

by tom44 on April 4, 2013

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28 thoughts on “Halo 5 News Coverage – New Tech, & Jobs

  1. sargentsmiles says:

    I believe a Halo 2 remake would be best at this point in time,? I don’t go as far to call it Halo 2 Anniversary because that would imply that it was something special. Halo Anniversary was special however as it was a momento of how the series has developed.

  2. Brandon Kaminski says:

    I think? they should do the Halo 2 anneversary, then Halo 5 and I’m not so sure about the idea of an MMO.

  3. KpRvids says:

    MMO = Massively Multiplayer Online
    In a way Halo’s 2 through 4 are already MMOFPS
    If Halo 5 is like WoW it would need to be an MMORPGFPSBA

    Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing? Game, First Person Shooter Battle Arena


  4. lecocanadian says:

    Halo 5 and Halo 2 Anniversary, those would sell. MMO idk… It might sell at first but not even within a year it would be dead. And? an MMO would be really retarted and would kill Halo… Thats my opinion.

  5. Samuel Anderson says:

    what would it be like to be in a phantom on the xbox? 720.

  6. dropstopandroll says:

    who fucking cares about grahpics its about? gameplay

  7. Daniel Phillips says:

    i’m not going to? lie halo wars 2

  8. Eliteboy2e7 says:

    halo 2? anvirsty 1st 2nd MMO

  9. YourAverageTurtle says:

    343? bungie is? making Destiny ????

  10. ManlyKilla01 says:


  11. evilkill7890 says:

    Do you even lift??

  12. jon jones says:

    Thats completely wrong you mongo! Whether your a bungie fan or not, your definately not a HALO fan! Yeah i played myth, but? halo will always be there best game, even though destiny looks shit! Halo 4 is bollocks!!

  13. kristen0009 says:

    halo 2? aniversary

  14. kristen0009 says:

    halo in RPG, i dont thik so,? maybe an special edition, but not in the saga

  15. kristen0009 says:

    guess they need to meka? an especial editon based on parkour with the weaps and all the stuff, just like mirror’s edge

  16. Rogga FiGa says:

    Then again there? are just rumors.

  17. Rogga FiGa says:

    There was also a Halo DS which failed because the gameplay wasn’t gana be able to? work well or something like that. Gameplay was released of it. The game was suposed to be a portable version of Halo 2 but whith the campain of Halo: Combat Evolved.

  18. Rogga FiGa says:

    343 did announce after the release of Halo Anniverary that they were planning on? making Halo 2 Anniversary. Also they started working on Halo 4 after Halo 3 ODST I belive, b/c Halo ODST & Reach were the begining of the Bungie-343 division. And a Halo MMO was tried but if you check on HaloPedia and deep in the webb there are pictures of pre-development and if i remember correctly it is mentioned that you play as a marine, which could be a reason why it didn’t end up being in development.

  19. Stephen Oakes says:

    Ehh. Planetside 2 has too many players in each match,? in my opinion.

  20. MammothStar says:


  21. Master52954 says:

    how? about dual wield in general

  22. happyhippy102 says:

    need Halo 2 comeback. oh in halo? 5 bring back duel smgs.

  23. Dj2FrSh says:

    wtf. Destiny copycat?? 343 cant do anything original.

  24. dinoatcharterdotnet says:

    -Re-add the Falcon, Revenant, Chopper, and Hornet
    -Make Flood be able to pick up weapons
    -Make Spartans be able to wear their custom colors in stead? of yellow in Flood
    -Add Race and Invasion
    -Make better maps
    -Improve Forge
    -Improve machinima-making features

  25. Gabrile Takolander says:

    I would actually like a halo? MMOFPS.

  26. Tony Andrade says:

    If Russia hands their submarines,China would claim it theirs and put ‘Made? in China’ lol

  27. EvilCommunistChina says:

    Stealing is? the first motto of Communist Party.

  28. Conglo88 says:

    What did they? expect from the Chinese?

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