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Gulf Coast Teacher Job Fair

by tom44 on May 29, 2014

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The 2014 Gulf Teacher Coast Job Fair will be held on Tuesday, June 10, 2014 in Houston, TX. This highly anticipated annual event is brought to you by Region …
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19 thoughts on “Gulf Coast Teacher Job Fair

  1. Region 4 Alternative Certification Program says:

    ONLINE REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN for the largest teacher job fair in the
    gulf coast region!

    Gulf Coast Teacher Job Fair
    Tuesday, June 10th
    Houston, TX

    #teacherjobfair #jobfair #houston #texasjobs #registertoday ?

  2. Kim Garcia says:

    Check out our new video from the 2013 Gulf Coast Teacher Job Fair? 60+
    school districts.?

  3. Region 4 Alternative Certification Program says:

    Check out our new video from the 2013 Gulf Coast Teacher Job Fair? 60+
    school districts. #teacher #jobfair #texasteacher #region4 ?

  4. BusanKevin says:

    Good luck man!

  5. Andy San says:

    @reynoldsair – Too many dependants? Didn’t know that was a thing…

  6. NikkeinJapan says:

    Wow, Army huh? Congrats! PFC = Perfect For Cleaning.

  7. TubaBuddha says:

    Do you want to go in, or are taking the only option available?

  8. reynoldsair says:

    Thank you, sir!

  9. Andy San says:

    You signed up for the service? Good for you!! We gotta hang out at Gaslamp
    sometime before you ship out man!! I’ve been busy these past couple of
    weeks, but I should be good for the weekend!

  10. David Chessher says:

    Kilo school… Too easy.

  11. SkySho116 says:

    Wow! Didn’t know you went and joined the Army. I hope you get a good duty

  12. reynoldsair says:

    Nah, I’ve been thinking about enlisting forever. I just used to be really
    fat and couldn’t get in. I look forward to getting through Basic and then
    AIT. Should be interesting 😉

  13. blueyedcin White says:

    Can’t keep up with you, your life is changing so quickly.

  14. FindMeInKurume says:

    Too bad you were disqualified dude. Good luck with the new training!

  15. reynoldsair says:

    haha, me too. 😉

  16. reynoldsair says:

    Thanks. I’m sure its for the best.

  17. reynoldsair says:

    Cool, man. Yeah, I’ve been thinking about enlisting since high school.
    Always planned on going Navy but they turned me down for too many
    dependents so I joined the Army instead. Can’t wait to ship out.

  18. TubaBuddha says:

    At least you may have a marketable skill set after your time in. My father
    was USAF Intel and NSA for 25 years. Then did CID for 6 months, then deputy
    sheriff for 8 years and finally US Marshal for 4 years. He to was big when
    he started out, but lost it all in basic.

  19. reynoldsair says:

    ahaha, I’ll do as I’m told.

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