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GTA ONLINE – Los Santos Custom Rides – Albany Emperor

by tom44 on November 3, 2014

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Episode 28. This rust bucket needs some TLC…..Can LSC customs help.
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26 thoughts on “GTA ONLINE – Los Santos Custom Rides – Albany Emperor

  1. SmokeScreenCentral says:
  2. XDRadicalZombie says:

    If u need a hand to get one my gt is RadicalZombieXD?

  3. Eric Chavez says:

    Looks stupid with that engine blower lol…its more like a gangster car not

  4. Aarne Taskinen says:

    noooooo !! Not the Dollar rims !!!! :'(?

  5. Jesper Bohman says:

    How do you get the private black on yello??

  6. Doge says:

    I saw the sultan and the youga but not this?

  7. ViktorRRH says:

    Hahaha XD he called it a mana it’s called a mañana?

  8. Zach McClune says:

    How to find? More like how to mod. Didn’t show location in map.?

  9. matthewiswoods31 says:

    Can some one help me Xbox gamertag woods31?

  10. XDRadicalZombie says:

    if anyone needs help send me a message on xbox my gt is RadicalZombieXD?

  11. Pelle Ulliganan says:

    can someone on xbox360 help me get this car i would be thankful?

  12. Brandon Greer says:

    I dont like to classify it as a low-rider its just a natural classic
    sedan.. ?

  13. luqsel quil says:

    I disliked?

  14. Shivam Wadhia says:

    Hi guys! Me and my friends have found a way to get any car on GTA V online.
    I’d be willing to give any car to anyone if they could give the right price
    (e.g game sharing). My PSN is: B1GF00T101?

  15. Mw3TheOriginal says:

    Damn i didn’t know this was rare I’ve seen these so many times ?

  16. Mike Hunt says:

    this is my gettin around car in online?

  17. ItzTecki says:

    XBL zTecki

    I have

    franklin car…Micheal car….Trevor truck…..kamelion…..sentinel hard

  18. Tyler Simcox says:

    Message me on xbox if you need help spawning it. Its Simcox.?

  19. Hollow Gamer says:

    Sorry Guys This is a re-upload youtube as been messing me around ;( new vid
    coming in the next 30 mins?

  20. Yvonne Clark says:

    Guys I got one with no roof if,u want it add me leinn10 psn?

  21. D Parker says:

    i fucking love the albany cars, the emperor, manana & roosevelt?

  22. chinchillafreak98 says:

    Gt: h0thead27 I have 3 weeks looking for this car if u have any version
    please add me Gt: h0thead27?

  23. ViktorRRH says:

    Hahaha XD he called it a “mana” hahaha it’s called a mañana?

  24. Peter Popel says:

    Every people buy a bug catcher for the lowrider… damn it looks so stupid?

  25. JOEY FOSTA says:

    duping nos sultan, nos gauntlet,teddy bear truck, franks buffalo,asea,
    clean surfer with surfboard , modded phoenix ,tailgater (mikes car) want
    manana or nemesis i have other cars gt is x1eGitJoKeRx on xbox 360 ?

  26. ben todd says:

    i will trade franklins buffalo fully modded with ”nos”, i am open to
    offers on any rare or expensive car on ps3, my psn is –

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