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GTA 5 Online: “Albany Roosevelt” Buying & Car Customization Guide (GTA V)

by tom44 on November 2, 2014

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GTA 5 Online: “Albany Roosevelt” Buying & Car Customization Guide (GTA V) GTA 5 Online: “Albany Roosevelt” Buying & Car Customization Guide “GTA V DLC” ? Ple…
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25 thoughts on “GTA 5 Online: “Albany Roosevelt” Buying & Car Customization Guide (GTA V)

  1. buenos noches says:

    Lol why does rockstar make the classic cars so expensive, 13 year olds play
    this game, nobody wants historic vehicles?

  2. Gavin Straface says:

    I went to lenendary auto store and I dident see it so where is it??

  3. gerry gandre gerry says:

    i like the paint of the car to be dark green because it kinda remind me
    somebody and how classy looking of the car.?

  4. Aryan8Pride8 says:

    Definitely feel the same way you do about this car. Makes me sick to see
    kids ruining a beautiful classic such as this, with big rims and flashy
    paint. (Even if it’s in a video game) The real gangsters: Al Capone, Bugs
    Moran, John Dillinger, “Lucky” Luciano, etc. etc. would roll over in their
    graves if they knew what kids were calling “gangster” these days. Today’s
    gangsters are more like ghetto garbage clowns with no class, running around
    wearing clothes 4 times too big. Pathetic. ?

  5. adtr8396 says:

    It’s not real life it’s not a real car .. Stop talking like it is one ?

  6. KentwoodWarrior says:

    Finally, someone who doesn’t ruin their vehicles in GTA?

  7. sam gertner says:

    It looks like a ford?

  8. levi_james-music says:

    Would anyone be able to duplicate this for me? Xbox gamertag – levijames522?

  9. Alex Stokes says:

    can someone PLEASE duplicate it for me? PSN: Dream__SnipeZz **2

  10. SargentDingelBerry says:

    Would anyone be willing to duplicate it for me on psn? My psn is:
    Ghost_Sn1per02 , i would give something in return of your favor as in your
    choice on what i give back to you. Message me on psn if you would consider

  11. Allan H says:

    Can somebody give me or trade that car??

  12. Bill Davison says:

    I bought this car it’s nostalgic love it and your right keep it original
    all Capone s is actual y green it’s a 1927 or 28 Cadillac limo?

  13. Derrick B. says:

    I colored mine with dark green as the primary and brown as the secondary.

  14. Cody Devault says:

    Can you help me duplicate the Albany Roosevelt piz

  15. green roy says:

    what do you think: Will this available for the PC version, too? 😀

    or better: is this from now on int the game, or will it get deleted/removed
    after a certain time frame??

  16. betterthanyouu4 says:

    Can you please duplicate it for me so I can get one I can’t find one but
    I’ll duplicate one for you if you want ?

  17. Yahya Nakhal says:

    I didnt have the money to buy it so it was out of stock can any one please
    please please help me i want this car soooo bad !! Psn dragonove-6?

  18. DEANOGTO says:

    looks like a car that would be used for a wedding?

  19. Rick SMASH says:

    I don’t have this car is not even on the web?

  20. Tech davis says:

    can ppl still garage this car and how would I buy it its not in legendary
    anymore. gametag techlictit5?

  21. Braydon Fithian says:

    Little cool fact: this was based on al capones vehicle and his was green
    and a secondary of black. It was fully armored and he had metal “curtains”
    that would flap down and protect it was awesome?

  22. Martin Rivera says:

    this car comes in a few different colors from back in the day…?

  23. Jesse Leemeijer says:

    Who has the Roosevelt because I want to get it in my garage
    Xbox name FullerTulip5?

  24. Adam Schick says:

    its Al Capone’s 1920s cadillac… not a limousine.?

  25. Junior Mendoza says:

    Is there anyway I can get this vehicle after 1.11 Using the steps you use
    when you want to glitch the Limited Edition vehicles?

    If so, Can anyone tell me the steps??

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