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Governor Chris Christie: Best Month Of New Jersey Job Creation In 7 Years

by tom44 on November 10, 2012

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New Jersey Jobs Numbers Press Conference, Thursday, June 14, 2012.

Dr. Alvin Glasgold, a New Jersey plastic surgeon, discusses Rhinoplasty procedures. To learn more about rhinoplasty and other nasal surgeries visit us at:
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31 thoughts on “Governor Chris Christie: Best Month Of New Jersey Job Creation In 7 Years



  2. MadRhino50 says:

    Saw your speech on local news in Cali today.Fix your state first before u comment on ours,you big mouth bastard. like many states we have been hit very hard by the economic crisis that’s why the large debt.Your gal Meg Whitman’s plan at HP, FIRE OVER 20,000 AMERICAN WORKERS, LOOK IT UP!! and thats was just the beginning. DO YOU AND YOUR FOLLOWERS CONDONE THAT??? We knew what? we were getting with Meg and thats why she did’nt get the majority.YES WE KNEW WHAT WERE THINKING, THIS TIME..

  3. TheQuasiiii says:

    If you think education is expensive one should try ignorance.Oh! Give me a home were? the buffalo assess roam, and the Republican draft dodgers are not teary all day, were seldom is heard a discouraging word. How did he get all those zits on his face, by bathing in a hippo tank? How does the state afford to feed that whale? Higher taxes? He needs ALOT OF ROOM to talk..LOL people in 5th row back up… Beeb! Beeeb! Backing up!! Who saran wrapped my toilet seat? I cant see my ass.

  4. WebSurfinMurf says:

    25% of all jobs created in country in? NJ? Holly heck thats the headline, not 17K in a month!

  5. Nerodz says:

    Bulls-eye. A nice, cold bucket of reality for? the pinheads and another swift punch to the public unions. This is fantastic news in follow up to the recent epic and historic Walker win.

  6. mikeman0341 says:

    It’s going to take a lot of bronze to? make a statue for this great man. Keep up the good work Governor!!

  7. Leon612 says:

    Corzine should be in a cell? right now.

  8. MassG69 says:

    Jesus christ,? getting rid of the bump actually makes a difference. I want to get mine removed.

  9. bratgirl1127 says:

    1:04? Thats my prob

  10. kratosbrakes says:

    i have a question, i feel just fine about my nose but i just want it a little bit smaller but i still want to have the? same appearence , i mean i dont wanna change my nose design or anything,? i just want it a more smalller

  11. Lane Briggs says:

    jeez seeing those pictures made me want to? get my nose done

  12. Ismaeligurke says:

    et cetera?

  13. jeppep95 says:

    not really its just the? truth

  14. 1voven says:

    what? is etc

  15. PoolpartyFriends says:

    0:57 Thats my? prob

  16. secularactivist says:

    This doctor does? GREAT work. ALL of these people’s “new” noses look great!

  17. erepublexame says:

    compared to other plastic surgeons ? i think he did good job

  18. NegerNummerEins says:

    Jews try to? camouflage themselves …

  19. nour0012 says:

    Thanks? 🙂

  20. BlackNationaIistHero says:

    agree with? u

  21. BlackNationaIistHero says:

    many of silly commentators on this thread have very big noses?

  22. Paula Morales says:

    this is so? racist is funny jajajajaj

  23. Antonio Villanueva says:

    i actually think the reason his nose looks like that now is because after getting a lot older stuff like that? happens

  24. egdqv13234 says:

    careful now, dont piss him off or els the next fella whos gona? get his nose surgery is going to be very very dissapointed.?

  25. asspounderify says:

    ahaha. im sorry, did my ugly comment offend you? didnt mean to pull you from? the crowd. jus saying ugly people in general (;

  26. nour0012 says:

    Every one is? beautiful no matter how big or small your nose is.
    You just need confidence and the only reason why we have a nose is because of our sense of smell not because of beauty.

  27. HornSpeakersRGarbage says:

    If the guy in the thumbnail 4? this video got his azz 2 the gym & stayed on a rigid, healthy diet, his bod would B hawt 7 his face would lean out & no chik on Earth would give a fuk about his big nose. It’s like if some athlete chik with thick, muscular legs & azz had a big nose, & sleek lean figure & face ~ the nose is about irrelevant. Sure, it may look nicer if smaller, but then nobody is wanting U, but just a fake bull$hit lie. N E 1 who says they want U is just confused, getting scammed.

  28. wook22 says:

    I had Rhino and septo… I had a bump and wide tip… 3 days of mouth breathing was the worst of it. Couldn’t sleep! But hardly any pain.? My nose was really reshaped… but NO ONE noticed I had anything done. I did it over Christmas break, and have only told my family- no one else. But even my brother- until I showed him pictures- couldn’t tell I had anything done. I LOVE my new nose. If you are out there hesitating… DON’t! I had to wait (cost etc) 25 years for mine. I am male, 44.

  29. Emomoz says:

    That’s when you say “bald? patient treated by bald Doctor”

  30. lovemusicfashionn says:

    i have the same? nose as the first girl … :S her after results look amazing and thats the kind of nose id love to have

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