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Goodwill Jobs Pay Off WXYZ 5 01 09

by tom44 on July 2, 2012

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When you say the name “Goodwill Industries,” most people say they operate thrift stores. But did you know Goodwill’s specialty is training out of work people for new jobs? Reporter Bell Spencer TELLS YOU HOW YOU CAN HELP! At just 18 years old, Brandon Pollard of Detroit has a good job making almost eight dollars an hour in the career he hopes to do for the rest of his life. Currently working at CVS pharmacy in Ferndale as a cashier, Brandon has a job adults twice his age would love to have. Brandon got both the training and the job through Good Will Industries of greater Detroit. Although many people dont realize it, Good Will Industries trains close to 1300 people a year in the Metro Detroit area for new jobs. Then Goodwill places them in real jobs that pay good money. Here is just a partial list of the jobs Goodwill will train you for: Hospitality-retail Clerical administrative jobs Medical technician Masonry Carpentry Nurses aid Pharmacy tech Reservations agent Even landscaping As for Brandon, Hes now saving a large portion of the money he makes to pay for college. FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT OR CALL 313-964-3900 then push 2.
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4 thoughts on “Goodwill Jobs Pay Off WXYZ 5 01 09

  1. fetishisticrose says:

    your state /city’s Department of Economic Security (D.E.S.)can give you a referral ….especially if you are already receiving? assistance (such as food stamps and cash assistance) Goodwill does not only help out disabled people , they help anyone who needs a job….that is why they have thrift stores…to fund the job training.

  2. dharmaseed says:

    NIce…the biggest snowstorm of the year, and the donation centers are closed today, trucks are not running, but the STORES? ARE OPEN. Goodwill is a fraud.

  3. wezzzlyc says:

    Goodwill Industries employ physically and/or mentally challenged/disabled people in an effort to make their company appear compassionate toward the public? and those who face the aforementioned challenges on a daily and/or life-long basis. In essence, I am quite secure in the opinion that the management of “GoodWill” Industries abuse their position and/or authority in an effort to harass and belittle these employees. DO NOT DONATE, WORK FOR, OR IN ANY WAY- CONTRIBUTE TO ANY GOODWILL ..

  4. sarna87 says:

    I recently tried calling the number posted at the end of this video? segment, and upon dialing 2 received a prompt redirecting me to Michigan Works for job placement assistance or MRS if I am disabled. Can individuals access the training program directly? How do I find out if there any openings at this time? If this is referral based, who/what agency should I obtain a referral from?

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