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Good Jobs No Cuts – I-5 bridge crossing 10.22.11

by tom44 on September 25, 2013

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good jobs – no cuts – Portland to Vancouver bridge crossing Labor groups, Occupy Portland, Occupy Vancouver, Jobs With Justice, Hotel workers, Longshoremen, …

This video shows the Portland’s region difference in per capita income compared to per cities like Seattle and how that additional tax revenue could help fun…
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2 thoughts on “Good Jobs No Cuts – I-5 bridge crossing 10.22.11

  1. imnomusicguru says:

    the energy of the? crowd this day was such a beautiful thing to PROUDLY be a part of…thank you portland and vancouver for coming together in our struggle to improve the quality of the United states

  2. says:

    Consumers create jobs, not businesses (corporations? as individuals) nor business owners.

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