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good colleges to learn how to be a good medical doctor?

by tom44 on March 27, 2014

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Question by kawaii love: good colleges to learn how to be a good medical doctor?
my school is trying to get students to go to college and get their dream job without struggling to get there. and so my homeroom teacher asked us to look up colleges that will help us get our dream job so i was thinking about to be a medical doctor when i get older. so can you give me good colleges that will make me a great medical doctor.

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Answer by eri
You can start at any college for that – major in anything you want and take the premed classes in bio, chem, physics, math, and English. These are offered pretty much anywhere. Then you’d apply for med school – the best med schools expect a near-perfect college GPA (much harder to get than a 4.0 in high school), fantastic MCAT scores, and a lot of research or volunteer experience (in college, not high school). Then after med you’d need another 3-10 years of residency (training) depending on what kind of doctor you want to be. You can do your first 4-year degree anywhere; pretty much every school offers premed, and you can apply to any med school from any other school.

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One thought on “good colleges to learn how to be a good medical doctor?

  1. wiccanpriestess12 says:

    Best Medical Schools:

    1)Harvard University
    2)John Hopkins University
    3)University of Pennsylvania
    4)Washington University in St. Louis
    5)University of California-San Francisco
    6)Duke University
    7)Stanford University
    8)University of Washington
    9)Yale University
    10)Columbia University
    11)University of California-Los Angeles
    12)University of Michigan- Ann Arbor
    13)University of Chicago-Pritzker
    14)University of Pittsburgh
    15)University of California-San Diego
    16)Vanderbilt University
    17)Baylor College of Medicine
    18)Cornell University-Weill
    19)Northwestern University-Feinburg
    20)University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
    21)University of Southwestern Texas Medical Center-Dallas
    22)Emory University
    23)Mount Sinai School of Medicine
    24)University of Virginia
    25)Case Western Reserve University

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