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Go to CSU and major in accounting or go to cc and transfer to a good UC and major in Econ or business?

by tom44 on June 1, 2013

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Question by Clint: Go to CSU and major in accounting or go to cc and transfer to a good UC and major in Econ or business?
I really want to get a job either at the big 4 or a fortune 500 company. But i don’t have grades for a UC and can attend a CSU (SJSU, CSUF, or CSULB) or go to a CC work hatr and hope to get into a good UC(UCB, UCLA, UCSD) what’s the better option

Best answer:

Answer by Tom
There is no requirement to have an Accounting or Business degree to sit the CPA Exam in California. There is a requirement to have 150 semester units and a certain number of Accounting units and Business related units. Economics units count as Business related units. At the moment all required Business related units cna be in Economics. There are going to be a few added required classes in the near future.
See page 3-4:
Only Berkeley, UCI and UCR offer Business Administration majors. An Economics major is a better major than a Business major for students planning to later attain an MBA. Top Tier Business Schools do not prefer applicants to have undergrad Business degrees. It is seen as too narrow of a focus. That is why most don’t offer an undergrad Business degree-Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Chicago, Northwestern, Dartmouth, Yale etc
UCSB offers more Accounting classes than any other UC and offers a TAG:
Consider going for a humanities/foreign language and economics double major at Berkeley. UC’s are at their best in the Humanities majors. The classes are generally small with personal interaction that does not happen in Social Science majors like Econ. Take the necessary classes to major in a useful foreign language or humanities major while at a community college and apply to Berkeley as a foreign language or humanities major. Declare a double major in the foreign language/humanities and econ the first semester at Berkeley. Can only declare econ the first semester at Berkeley so also must have completed the prerequisites for the econ major and then must enroll in an intermediate level Econ theory class the first semester or could do it the summer before starting at Berkeley. If the community college does not offer the prerequisite courses for a major a student wants to pursue at a UC and a nearby UC or CSU does, can take the classes at community college rates through intersegmental cross enrollment.
The worst case scenario is not being admitted to the Econ major in which case, major in the foreign language/humanities major and take at least Intermediate level Macro and Micro Theory- the most important classes in the major. Monetary Theory, International Trade Theory and maybe Econometrics. For Finance MBA’s and PhD work in Econ, Math through at least 2nd year Calculus is more important than any additional Econ classes.
Econ through Intermediate Micro and Macro Theory, Financial Accounting, maybe a Federal Income Tax class would be good prep for a Finance position regardless of major. Those are the basics, can add a few other classes such as Monetary Theory, Corporate Finance, American Economic History etc
Good Luck!

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