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Go back to California with CNA license or stay longer in TX to get LVN?

by tom44 on August 17, 2012

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Question by JellyBean: Go back to California with CNA license or stay longer in TX to get LVN?
Hello I am really having a hard time making up my mind on what to do.
I moved to Texas last year from California, I disliked it right away and although TX has grown on me and it’s a nice place, it’s just not for me at all and I want to return to CA before my child starts kindergarten in Sept.

My problem is I just got my CNA (nursing asst) here, and ideally I would love to return back to CA NOW.

Should I …….

A- Stay in Texas and take the 14 month LVN program and go back to CA with it to get a higher paying job right away, but be miserable here and take my child out of school in the middle of the year.


B- Return to CA now and enroll in a LVN program there after getting settled and make little but steady money as a CNA (which is high in demand).

My concerns were being homesick, networking with local people and potential employers and then leaving them to move out of state etc.

What would you do?

Extra Info-
CNA means Certified Nursing Asst, the pay isn’t that great but there is ALWAYS plenty of jobs and flexible schedule to pursue higher education

LVN/LPN- Licensed Vocational Nurse is in between CNA and Registered Nurses. They make MUCH MUCH better money than CNA’s, hence the reason for my going to school.

I’m a single parent with one child, just trying to get on my feet and hopefully go back to California and raise my child there and make good money as a Nurse.

And I already know about the areas and the cost of living because I have lived in Los Angeles and San Diego.

Thanks in advance for your advice!!
Im not asking whether I should continue to work as a cna, Im asking whether I should do my LVN schooling in CA or TX.
thanks h.dwire.
Actually I believe i can transfer my TX license to CA, I forgot what the term is called but I know of a few people who have done this. Regardless of where I stay, I would work as a CNA while going to school.
Thanks for answering

Best answer:

Answer by versantly
continue working as a CNA while you get your RN.

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One thought on “Go back to California with CNA license or stay longer in TX to get LVN?

  1. h.dwire says:

    one problem you left out is that your CNA isnt transferable to other states. im a LNA (licencsed nursing assistant) in NH which is the same as CNA. you would have to go thru either program again if you moved.
    but to answer your actual question, i would work as a CNA in texas and save money there first before moving back. the LNA class i took was pretty cheap and only 4 weeks, so i would do that again in CA, work as CNA/LNA while going for your LVN. A lot of nursing homes will reimburse the cost of your CNA class and could pay for your LVN schooling if you plan on staying on with them.

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