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Glenn Beck on job loss since election day.

by tom44 on April 17, 2014

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25 thoughts on “Glenn Beck on job loss since election day.

  1. snodog3 says:

    So NY & Californication Can Fall Off In Their Respective Ocean Abyss Of
    Financial Debt,So FU, FO & GTH & We’ll See You In The Third World of
    Poverty & Reading About You In The Sunday FUNNY PAPERS + We’ll Get Half Of
    The Military Minus Your F’K’ing DEBT DA !

  2. ElAteoMexicano says:

    I’m not Mexican btw. Just a screen name. I’m not talking about a racial
    minority, I’m talking about an Ideological minority. The GOP has moved far
    to the right of center America, and I’ll bet it’s going to be going through
    some major transformations in the next few years. It’s just a question of
    time before they are forced to abandon a number social issues. It won’t be
    a smooth transition, and I’m guessing democrats will have a few very good
    election cycles in the mean time.

  3. ElAteoMexicano says:

    Glenn Beck, I hate to break it to you, but you are the minority now.

  4. jous1rufn says:

    The America that we knew,only, exists in our memories!!!

  5. Melvin Serrano says:

    Calling somebody “liar” is very easy to say …bring facts and stop posting
    BS scumbag.

  6. 1usaguymo says:

    CANADA??? You can’t wait for government run health care to come here?

  7. ptluzzi1 says:

    Glenda becktard is a paid liar and a drunk who prays on the STUPID!

  8. DoctorMeh says:

    Sour grapes leads to celebration of people losing their jobs and joking
    about it. Look at yourselves.

  9. kryptic8956 says:

    we skipped Fascism went straight to socialism .

  10. Brian Burns says:

    Right after 40 consecutive job growth under the obama administration all of
    a sudden he gets elected and jobs can’t be created anymore!!!!!! Facts
    people FACTS!!!!

  11. ptluzzi1 says:

    hey clown the unions didnt put hostess out of business! why dont you do
    some research before you parrot talking point from either faux noise or
    druggie rush or becktard! they get paid to LIE to you!!! The unions took
    big pay cuts while the execs got pay raises and bonus’s! The company was
    poorly run and was in worse shape when they came out of their first BK!!
    its always the unions with you clowns! Couldnt be they had bad execs who
    cant run a business huh?

  12. dornk schwartz says:

    Yeah, he still has a job. We ALL get to be unemployed now!

  13. danekeeper1 says:

    job creators?

  14. Victor Gregory says:

    Hmm, Its FUNNY how when the Bush Era was upon us, people were spending
    money like it was going out of style. NOW, Under Obama, you cry Foul
    because he’s trying to payoff a DEBT that was incured the 8yrs Prior. I
    have NEVER heard a Solution on what to do to FIX this by Boehner or ANY
    other politicians. Tax breaks for Big Business CREATE Jobs? Really? How
    many people were being Laid off the last yr of Bush’s Reign, well, when
    they werent Losing their HOMES that is.

  15. billy bob says:

    Really? You use the term ‘girl’ as an insult and you wonder why your ideas
    are losing. Bye Bye it is to late for the woolly mammoth.

  16. Brian Mooney says:

    Hey moreglenn beck, you’re the one who should really get their facts
    straight. Hostess wasn’t put out of business by the unions, idiot! The
    Union conceded over $110 million to Hostess back in 2004, and (not
    surprisingly) they never re-invested a dime of that back into the company!
    Since that “restructuring” Hostess has had 6 CEO’s, all of whom left the
    company with healthy golden parachutes. And Hostess has the balls to ask
    their employee’s to give a little more?? Thats worthy of an LOL.

  17. timothy l says:

    The Obama’s decision doesnt just effect the usa it effects all are
    international trade.

  18. Bobbi Meyer says:

    I love you you don’t bother stating the reason for the closings…you just
    link it to Obama..lets see…cancelled game contracts….fewer readers for
    the newspapers….prior bankruptcy…..economy…..the union…….some of
    these layoffs were in June. Of all the companies I researched that are
    laying off…NONE of them cited Obamacare as the cause….good try Glenn.

  19. ny1t says:

    I thought about buying some of those testicles people are hanging on their
    trailer hitches and take them to boehner’s office. Guess I am not the only
    one that thinks he needs them.

  20. Bobbi Meyer says:

    keep drinking the Beck Coffee…..

  21. ptluzzi1 says:

    We added 220,000 jobs last month and you list 2000 jobs lost? big deal!

  22. ptluzzi1 says:

    Because of the unions? hahahah really? the union? they gave up consessions
    last year only to have them raise their management and CEOs millions more
    in salaries!!!! give it a rest! you think people should work 50 hrs a week
    for shit wages and have to get food stamps to buy food while the CEO gets
    to put million more in the bank they wont ever spend!

  23. dornk schwartz says:

    Waaa, if YOU are one of the people that is loosing their job but I guess
    YOU aren’t worried about them, you dumbass!

  24. offworldresident says:

    Question – So did all these companies say “Obama was elected, let’s lay
    people off” ? Did this really happen? If so, could you post some links?

  25. saadJTF says:

    Join our anti Obama forum at

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