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Gibson Memphis Factory

by tom44 on November 13, 2014

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Gibson’s Memphis guitar factory consists of Gibson’s skilled Luthiers crafting some of the finest guitars in the world. In this video, witness the intricate …
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14 thoughts on “Gibson Memphis Factory

  1. Freddie Bishop says:

    Now I understand why they cost so much.?

  2. Fatally Yours says:

    We make it a point to stop by and tour the facility every year. It’s one of
    my favorite parts of being on the road, and something I look forward to
    each and every year. Thank you, Gibson, for continuing to build the quality
    heirloom instruments that I will one day pass down to my children!

  3. Broyale26 says:

    I love Gibson, but as a long time buyer of Gibson guitars, I am concerned
    and uncomfortable with having blacks working on my guitars, especially
    gangsterish looking ones with they ghetto headrags, looks so unprofessional
    and taints the legacy of a great American brand. Hopefully, Gibson will
    listen to my concern.?

  4. Mike Qurrey says:

    I have just purchased ( 2 days ago ) a brand new Gibson custom 120th
    anniversary from one of Gibson’s dealers. Beautiful guitar ! I noticed that
    under all of the amazing coatings that make my guitar shine, a hair lies
    buried beneath the coatings . This is not just a hair you need to look for
    but stands out like a sore thumb.
    After watching the GIBSON factory tour on you tube and seeing how their
    quality control is done, not just by humans but also by computer, i would
    think that this would of been flagged for Sure. I will be contacting GIBSON
    in regards to quality control and i will post on you tube my
    results…..Keep an eye out for it.?

  5. GuyWithGuitars1 says:

    American labor…. Hell yeah!?

  6. Prostheta says:

    2:00 – that is kerfing, not purfling.

  7. GDawg2K2 says:

    Only fitting that the manufacturing process be as artfull as the music it
    makes. Absolutly stunned at the man hours involved.

  8. velocitY SiPu says:

    hey, i am looking for an gibson buckethead edition les paul can you help me
    by asking them that can they make 1 for me, i know it ll be pricey but i
    really want that guitar its my dream please help me bro

  9. Maxim Lamoureux says:

    memphis also makes custom models…

  10. BigETCB says:

    i agree totally

  11. Weve Diaz says:

    Library of congress copyright office.protect an own your or log in for info.

  12. goodpull says:

    Terrific video tour. Great to see how my 335 was made – love it even more
    than ever now, if that’s possible.

  13. Milad Q says:

    I respect everybody’s opinion and every guitar manufacturer out there. But,
    Sorry folks! Every other instrument is a Toy compared to Gibson Memphis
    Custom Shop guitars…!

  14. Chris Payne says:

    The Gibson Custom Shop is in Nashville. They don’t do any custom models in
    the Memphis factory. They do all of the hollowbody electric’s, the
    doubleneck, and the Les Paul custom in white with gold hardware. Seeing how
    I live in Memphis, I went and took the tour of the factory.

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