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Getting ready to start interviewing for teaching jobs…?

by tom44 on May 3, 2014

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Question by EsoMan: Getting ready to start interviewing for teaching jobs…?
I will be fully certified this coming spring (state of MN) and I want to be ahead of the game…. What should my portfolio contain? What kind of resume format do you suggest? Should my portfolio contain samples of my work as wells as copies of my transcripts/praxis scores? Can anyone suggest websites that are good for getting information on schools (scores, demographics, and all that jazz??) Furthermore, how difficult is it to get a contract in the Minneapolis area (my licensure area is 5-12 Language arts). Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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Answer by a.waxler
I work quite a bit with teacher recruitment and you should know that teaching jobs can be very difficult to secure…

Getting the job is a three step process:
1. Getting the interview (can seem like a job in itself)
2. Acing the interview
3. Following up on the interview (don’t overlook this step)

I have written several articles on teacher interviews that you can read here:

Good luck…hope the articles help.

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