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Getting a paralegal internship?

by tom44 on April 17, 2013

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Question by leeblewb: Getting a paralegal internship?
I am a working on an associates degree in paralegal studies. It is an online degree, from an accredited university, but does not include an internship component. We are moving to Charleston, SC so I will be new to area and do not know anyone in legal community. I am a former nurse and feel I would be a valuable asset to a practice that handles either malpractice cases, worker’s comp or personal injury cases. Not sure of the best way to locate an internship on my own.

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Answer by ibu guru
About half of all paralegal jobs now go to attorneys who can’t find jobs. The legal job market is seriously glutted. Your one advantage is that you are a trained & experienced nurse (I hope at least an RN, preferably BSN, and not a mere LPN, aide, etc). Start looking for a JOB that pays. Go to Martindale-Hubbell ( and find law firms in the area you are moving to which specialize in PI, workers’ comp, malpractice, anything medical-related. Emphasize your nursing experience plus paralegal training.

Also read Richard Bolles, ‘What Color Is Your Parachute?’ on jobhunting, networking techniques, etc. You need this! Study it. DO it.

One caveat. You’d better not be moving out-of-state. If you are, you have a major problem-a since you need STATE law for these. Your paralegal training needs to include state law, state workers’ comp, state petition & filings formats, court procedures, etc. You’d probably either have to redo paralegal training in your new state or else go back to nursing – and that would require a new state license.

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