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General Motors to Add 2,500 Jobs at Detroit/Hamtramck Plant

by tom44 on August 28, 2013

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General Motors (NYSE:GM) on Wednesday said it would add two shifts and about 2500 jobs at its Hamtramck Assembly factory straddling the border of Detroit an…
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Here’s the last interview. I didn’t have a lot of time to hang out and hear any speakers, just went in talked to a few people and left. I did talk over peak …
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13 thoughts on “General Motors to Add 2,500 Jobs at Detroit/Hamtramck Plant

  1. canadastreetmedia says:

    its a cycle, monetary political socialy engineered.
    FreeTrade and other Goverment acts ,such as the banking act . real? estate act etc..
    The food is stilling growing on the trees.
    ie: the things that are not controlled by the Politicals continue to prosper and multiply naturaly with abundance.

  2. firecatgreg says:

    We can state hydrogen is a dense battery in certain configurations and can store a lot of energy, but it’s not efficient. When you look at the shuttle, that big tank is rather large to store hydrogen for? the trip. It’s also very energy intensive to fill it up. But for energy density, NASA wastes efficiency and creates a very inefficient battery when you analyze the energy losses in in step of the “energy conversion process”. These losses are known as energy sinks.

  3. firecatgreg says:

    The “hydrogen” that comes from water, requires electricity, and that makes it a type of battery, storing that electrical energy that came from somewhere. That battery is often less than half the efficiency of a typical electrical battery, so it’s cheaper to use? a battery, than “crack” water.

  4. firecatgreg says:

    5% of hydrogen comes from H20. 95% comes from natural gas. So hydrogen fuel comes from fossil fuels.

    Industrial production is mainly from the steam reforming of natural gas, and less? often from more energy-intensive hydrogen production methods like the electrolysis of water [6]. Most hydrogen is employed near its production site, with the two largest uses being fossil fuel processing (e.g., hydrocracking) and ammonia production, mostly for the fertilizer market. (see wikipedia)

  5. firecatgreg says:

    Pure hydrogen fuel stores are a “battery” or energy store, that is difficult and expensive to create.? They are energy intensive and require a lot of energy to produce (embedded energy in creating the items to store the hydrogen), and are “energy sinks” like any battery. They are less efficient energy sinks than batteries. Oil companies dream of hydrogen fuel, because they hope to “sell it” to the consumer. But overall it’s inefficient.

  6. firecatgreg says:

    Zero Point energy dreamers always claim to have some hiden source of energy and a way to capture that energy and transfer that into our world. This is nice and I wish them luck, but they never really find the solution. We should pursue other fuel sources, but most of the real fuel sources are already known and limited. Renewable is limited by solar and wind and these cannot be easily tapped and once tapped,? they have to be stored in a type of battery.

  7. firecatgreg says:

    The only thing that may someday work is a discovery in how to harness some hidden energy that we haven’t found. Tesla supposedly had something that? did this. He proposed to have a working model of a type of “battery” that was a receiver, like a solar cell but received power from “Cosmic” radiation, which would be a different wavelength that solar cells never capture. He proposed to find some hidden, unknown zero point like energy source. However nobody has found this and shown it to work.

  8. firecatgreg says:

    Lastly the best water powered car scams that exist use some kind of mystery power, that is supposedly in? the Aether or some magic frequency that brings excessive power from beyond and puts it into the water to add energy and create an excess of energy. In other words, these are scams. The excuse is “the government” is stopping us, or we need more money to complete the project. There is never proof, just a fund raising pyramid.

  9. firecatgreg says:

    You need to study basic science before posting. Some confuse hydrogen and? it’s use as a fuel as a valid fuel source. In reality hydrogen is a fuel source when it’s densely in a compound that can release it. That burning of hydro-carbons releases hydrogen and binds it to oxygen. So hydro-carbons are fuels but water is not. It can at most provide hydrogen as an energy store, which is the definition of a battery. Hydrogen economy via water or fuel cells are simply different batteries.

  10. firecatgreg says:

    Furthermore, there is no “magic” way or frequency to cause H2o to split and provide “more energy back” than you are putting in. You’re describing perpetual motion. Water is at a lower energy state, and isn’t a fuel at all. Even talk about creating hydrogen from water in the moon requires electrical energy from a nuclear reactor to create the hydrogen fuel. Which is an energy sink, and loss not gain. So even NASA’s plans for fuel? from water shows it’s inefficient and not a real fuel.

  11. firecatgreg says:


    You’re obviously a kid or the dumb one. There is no way to run cars off water. To run a car off water you have to split the components of water into oxygen and hydrogen to get hydrogen gas. You need energy from some source to do that and that energy has to come from somewhere. ? Water powered cars are inefficient. Water injection is just using steam to expansion, or create a steam engine effect. It doesn’t provide heat or energy at all. H2o power? doesn’t work.

  12. herbertwarmstrong says:

    How ignorant are you two? Watch the youtube videos on water? powered vehicles. Yes, cars can run on water technology, we do not need oil!

  13. Andrew Hollis says:

    Make sure? to read the description text.

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