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French & Saunders “The Job” (Guv, Boss, Ma’am) BBC

by tom44 on June 17, 2012

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French & Saunders with Helen Mirren BBC
Video Rating: 4 / 5
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24 thoughts on “French & Saunders “The Job” (Guv, Boss, Ma’am) BBC

  1. philbyification says:

    “He got 5? yrs in EastEnders!!” LoL

  2. bespokenmile says:

    and she gets her fingers burned. Did you notice that Dawn was smoking an imaginary cigarette at the? end?

  3. Celeste Klose says:

    Stand? up when I’m talking to you!

  4. nadinegkzeg083f says:

    2012 The most popular laptop: iphone4! Yes,for? ! S5g1

  5. lemoncurry19 says:

    it’s “banged up”, ie, locked up. ?

  6. Woodville34 says:

    snout? snout?? best sketch ever!

  7. thommieboy89 says:

    Omg thats the women from Tideland! I loved? her performance, it gives a good feeling that she did a bit of comedy, and she isnt really a mad creepy witch

  8. no1Smallvillefan1 says:

    lol did anyone else notice that at da end of da clip when dawn, jennifer and helen r at? da top of da stairs with their cigarettes dawn doesn’t have one shes just pretending lol

  9. ds28690 says:

    I was bound up in the west end with? that bleeding bitch. Lol

  10. BonesCastleWhoDance says:

    Dawn Saunders and Jennifer French LOL I love? how she mixed up their last names

  11. IsThisLife09 says:

    The whole sketch is pure GENIUS!
    “Stand up when I’m? talking to you!”
    Janet McTeer, I adore you.

  12. fortworthhomegirl says:

    I? agree, her and Dawn are the best comedy team I’ve ever seen.

  13. brightonking69 says:

    howz your old man. Heard? he got 5 years in eastenders……. LOL

  14. brianestoll says:

    dawn makes a good tough? prison-bitch

  15. chevgr says:

    good job Lynda La Plant gave up acting. haha awful?

  16. grimlyn94 says:

    It’s Mrs. Tingle! XD ?

  17. boomerangdoll83 says:

    Stand up when I’m? talking to you hahahahaha

  18. cardigan3000 says:

    full? tit and minge

  19. 2010liveordie says:

    first time seeing this and i am made to love them more if? itis possable…

  20. jeffeastwood15 says:

    Dawn French as Elizabeth Taylor in the Bette Davis story, “What a Bleeding? Dump!”

  21. anthonynewsome says:

    thank god that JS is well again, a surviver………….british comedy? at its best

  22. CocaineHabbit says:

    janet mcteer went on to get an oscar nomination, and just last year she was nominated for? a golden globe and emmy for her tv movie “into the storm”.

  23. mvtdeassis says:

    What a bleeding dump!?

  24. Gusty85 says:

    Stand up when i’m talking to you!?

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