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FOX: DeMint Discusses Health Care and Creating Jobs With Cavuto

by tom44 on May 9, 2014

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7 thoughts on “FOX: DeMint Discusses Health Care and Creating Jobs With Cavuto

  1. onlyrey says:

    Amazing, the only reason that DeMint wants to kill Health Care Reform is to
    “break Obama”. This is not about a republican-democrat war or about
    Obama-hating, this is about fixing health care in the US.

  2. xtreme1002003 says:

    Thanks for standing up to the free health care socialists in Washington.
    Good luck in you fight against the Dumbocrats.

  3. robinhood2be says:

    Fox news is not give impartial news. The US people must be completely
    ignorant if they believe this Republican funded news network and think it
    is impartial. Especially when they put a loaded poll on the internet.
    Australia has a successful Government health system which people still can
    chose private if they want for extras. US health care system is ranked as
    one of the lowest in developed countries. Health care is a nations
    investment in its people not a cost burden.

  4. xtreme1002003 says:

    And furthermore, this system, which will essentially mandate people buy
    insurance, is already in place in Massachusetts, where people have to be
    excluded and people have to wait almost two months just for a routine
    checkup! You’re right that it’s not really about Republicans vs. Democrats
    or about Obama hating. But you’re wrong about what this is really about.
    It’s about stopping the out-of-control government spending and stopping
    healthcare from being socialized.

  5. xtreme1002003 says:

    Genius. Have you heard about all the Blue Dog Dems who are opposed to this
    as well? I’m for healthcare reform as much as anybody, but this will just
    be way too expensive for the taxpayer and will cause people to wait months,
    even years, to see a doctor, even if they need vital surgery such as for a
    brain tumor.

  6. Socratis2 says:

    good luck to you 🙂

  7. TheRealCritique says:

    douche on the douchebag channel with mr hairdye – no play for mister gray –
    uniform that is, from the seditionist, racist ,ignorant, fag-hating,
    flag-sniffing loserville, undereducated South. Learn english, you fucking
    morons…ninety percent tax? give me a break – that is such a lie….so is
    fifty percent. YOu want to save manufacturing jobs – PUT TARRIFFS ON
    MANUFACTURING, BUT WE DONT – corporate bullshit!!!

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