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Fort Lauderdale or Los Angeles?

by tom44 on May 19, 2014

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Question by The Yankee Clipper: Fort Lauderdale or Los Angeles?
Let Me Break Down The Situation Here; I am 18 Years Old, Almost 19, There is an Opportunity I Have To Relocate to Fort Lauderdale for a Job That Pays Great But, I am Unsure If I Should Follow Through With Relocating Because, I Never Really Intended on Living in Florida, I Always Wanted to Live in Los Angeles, California and The Same Type of Job in L.A. I Will Have to Wait Until I am Nearly 21 Years of Age to Be Able to Get The Job and L.A. is Where I Had Intended on Wanting To Have My Child(ren) Born and Raised The Cost of Living Has Nothing To Phase Me or Anything of The Such its Almost Really a “Location, Location, Location” Matter and I Just Do Not Know What To Do Florida is Just Under 1,100 Miles South of Maryland (The Home State) But, California is The Place Ive Dreamed of Forever Can Someone Please Help Me I Know I Could Always Have Experience in The Job That Im Trying to Get and Could Transfer Out to L.A. From Florida at 21 But, Pretty Much, Once I Move Im Trying to Move Again So This is Why This is Bothering Me So Much its Just Seems Either Choice Im Pretty Much Ensuring To Myself it Will Be a Permanent Move

I Know I Capitalize Every Word its Just The Way I Write on The Internet Get Off My Back About it and Help Me With My Question Please
1 hour ago

Florida is a Beautiful and Seemingly Tropical Place in The United States to Live

But, I Feel as If L.A. Can Give You More in Life Due to The Fact That The Majority of Everything is Based in Either New York or L.A.

Kinda Why I Wanted My Child(ren) to Be Born and Raised There at Least Born There, Because, You Never Know I Might Have The Next Quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys or Shortstop for the Yankees or Actor/Actress
and Also its Not Saying That Just L.A. or NYC Produces The Top of The Line Actors/Actresses/Athletes its Just Being From There May Inspire Them More

Best answer:

Answer by akrondude
My advice is to lock in the job in FL first, then transfer to L.A later on. In this job market you’re lucky to get a great paying job right off the bat. and who knows, you might even love it in Florida! I have family there and loved it when i visited last time.

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4 thoughts on “Fort Lauderdale or Los Angeles?

  1. Angela says:

    Honestly both places are dirty and gross, I wouldn’t suggest either of them. Both have a huge drug and hispanic population that can make you feel extremely uncomfortable. (I am saying it is uncomfortable to go somewhere and not find anyone that speaks english, it’s America)

  2. Jourdan Majors says:

    Both arent doing great in the Economy department right now. I was the same way, Trust me. Cali is what all non cali residents dream of at least once in their life. TEXAS has great job opportunities, FLORIDA has warm weather, AND warm water all year round, Cali is good if your trying to get rich or follow a certain “hollywood lifestyle”, but the water is chilly almost all year, sucks and i didnt even know but, its the truth. Im torn between Jacksonville and Austin, myself. Florida is really bad for Pedestrians, the wost in the US in fact, Cali is over priced but u said u dont really care, lucky you lol. Cali may have more opportunities in a sense depending on what you want to do, but texas has a booming job industry and Austin is clean and friendly and plenty big and has SOOOO much character. My advice is do tons of research, obviously, and maybe take a couple trips 😀

  3. CALI-L.A. says:

    los angeles

  4. Jr R says:

    i would say…work, save up, get a nice tax return, and have enough money to move to LA for at least a 6 month lease.. normal rent 900-1400 for a 1-2 small bedroom apartment or single spanish style house, some places in mid wilshire area is pretty cheap kinda sketchy at night if your senseless, right next to hollywood and other cool places,
    MEDICAL marijuana … cant say doesn’t get better then that,florida has the dirt outdoor grown seed filled bud, mountains and crazy views in california, florida is all flat land swampy humidity sweaty air, in california its little to no humidity, dry heat , which feels good.. and never rains, over 300 days of sunshine, Florida it rains pretty much everyday periodically..

    It will be hard for you unless you get a good job first or while your tax return and savings can last you long enough to find a job.. full time and maybe another part time job depending on your pay.. its expensive in Cali because everyone wants to live here.. simple supply and demand… think if you had something everyone wanted to buy from you… you can make the price go up because you have so many customers.. if no one wants to live there.. you make the price go down to influence customers..

    everyone tries to say oooh the beach water temperature in florida is so much warmer, California beach water is colder then Floridas.. but who wants to be sweaty humid outside and get into 90 degree bath water? if your that wimpy to the cold water buy a wetsuit.. and learn how to surf.. haha because the waves are better on the PaCiFiC WEST coast

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