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Former US immigrants find better life in India

by tom44 on July 12, 2012

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Thousands of highly skilled Indian immigrants are choosing to leave the United States in the midst of the recession and move back to India. While most cite better job opportunities as the main reason for moving back, many also believe that they are able to live a better quality of life in India. While many Americans view immigrants as taking away jobs, Indian and Chinese immigrants are responsible for 50% of the companies in Silicon Valley and the creation of 15% of the jobs there. Time will only tell what this reverse immigration will mean for the American economy.
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25 thoughts on “Former US immigrants find better life in India

  1. TheLonePantheist says:

    Are you kidding, this is? one group we should be immigrating more of to the United States. Some of the most intelligent immigrants come from India and China.

  2. TerminalXception says:

    Please do not blame America … it has given life to so many Indians, fulfilled their wish of giving rich life to their parents, sophisticated life in India, knowledge, job, and helped showing the different side of the world to? our parent. After getting all these benefit if you blame America, i would say you don`t belong to a moral human race.

  3. TerminalXception says:

    I`m dare enough to make all the statements i made in my last comment,? because i spoke truth and Truth never fails

  4. TerminalXception says:

    What is greater than my father and self respect.? My self respect was saved by this nation America and am faithful? and loyal to this nation. I might sound like a person without patriotism, but to me I’m showing my loyalty to that nation that helped me when i was in deep trouble and when my self respect was under toss. Situation of man differs. So i just said what America did to me.There are so many fellow people in India who might get mislead by this. America saved so many Indians.

  5. TerminalXception says:

    After losing my? father i was left with a debt of 15 lac. Indians can realize what would be the pressure of 15 lac with paying > 10% interest every month to the uncontrolled banks. America invited me at this situation. I left to America at 30 and in a span of 6 months i settled all my debt in India and had a peaceful mind.

    What is greater than my father and self respect.

  6. TerminalXception says:

    I`m 32 yrs old India. Til 29 i was living like a King in India without worries. My father fell ill, i was able to find. treatment for him only in big hospitals where they almost took all of my money. I never had credit card or debt but to treat my father i took so many loans. One day i had balance of 2 lacs to be paid to hospital and the hospital said if i dont pay that? they wont supply medicine to my father in ICU, please realize the situation as a son. I felt very bad.Finally i lost my father.

  7. TerminalXception says:

    Being an Indian I should say this, but as a matter of fact, America is for better than India. Don’t blame America, it has made so many middle class Indian to fulfill their dreams of Higher education and good money to take care of their parents and own house. Be faithful? for what America has given for so many Indians.

  8. reaperofgenocide says:

    Why? America is? all about immigration. Its the melting pot. And if youre against that then youre unamerican, plain and simple. And its not even illegal immigration in this scenario so you cant even preach that he doesnt have a right to be here.

  9. shamsher singh says:

    first of all fuck all those guys here who have written bad about indians .ok now u dont know anything about india there r hundreds of cultures and languages in india .we have a world living in india itself,anyways I would love to see when all the? doctors and engineers and scientist of indian origin leave india how would us cope with that……would be great to see that

  10. SPLAWSHOW says:

    Really true…many are going back to India and their native country. You should check our movie “The Lost Dream” on Amazon on demand – shows how American lose by not being? able to bring talent here!

  11. TheBosnianSwag says:

    you guys think america sucks try coming to other countrys and youl see? that america isnt bad at all in my country there is over 40 % unemployment now thats bad!

  12. terajasoos says:

    well if u were so sick of america, u wud had already left…either leave or stop whining like? a 4 yr old

  13. Edadmin Edadmin says:

    America is increasingly becoming a difficult country to make it in. If you make one mistake as a teenager or child it will hang over your life forever in the? form of a criminal record. if you get laid off or have an emergency and end up tarnishing your credit, no one will hire you. they don’t care if you have advanced degrees or anything. I am sick of America. I wish I could leave too.

  14. MrCracker21 says:

    EXACTLY! We need to rise up against the government! Because guess what? No amount of voting is? going to make America great again. Whoever gets elected president doesn’t even matter anymore.

  15. MrCracker21 says:

    Fuck Indians. This is America! OUR COUNTRY! Leave or we will MAKE? you leave.

  16. MrCracker21 says:

    LOL! No one wants to work for 2.00$ an hour! That’s why they’re taking our jobs! If employers actually paid decent wages I’d be the first one to sign up for a job out in the fields.?

  17. HJKelley47 says:

    As a minister in a predominately white church, I have not found the congregants standing outside the door with machetes in their hands, wanting to eradicate me. May your next? communication be to: Emirates, Qatar, Etihad, United or Turkish Airways. Once you return home, you will not have to worry about the “racial issues” at all. Good flight

  18. buzzin1975 says:

    Nice way to evade the issue. You didn’t answer my question. And you don’t even admit? that Whites want blacks eliminated. Otherwise, why would they be incarcerating or killing them openly on the streets?

  19. HJKelley47 says:

    You are a very disrespectful person. Your crudeness is evidence of a person with a deep seated issue. My head is not stuck in a? hole, nor am I blind to racial issues in this country. But to say that the country wants “me” eradicated, that is a strong statement. A return to your country of origin might prove fruitful for you.

  20. buzzin1975 says:

    You’re 65 years old and? you don’t feel AmeriKKKA wants you eradicated? I feel sorry for you, truly. I don’t know what hole you’ve stuck your head in these past 65 years, but it’s definitely a deep one. Anyway, do you have any idea where in Africa you’re from, and I mean exactly where? If you don’t, then you’ve just supported my point.

  21. bcimnotu says:

    I just want? my own country to return too like the Indians can but I wont be able to if the USA becomes minority majority.

  22. HJKelley47 says:

    Again, I have to suggest that you might want to return to your country of origin. Your? feelings for the place where you are making money is grossly hostile. Your disrespect for others is quite obvious. If I felt that strongly, I would be honest enough with myself to return home where I can feel good about myself! Maybe the Pakistani govt. would prove more suitable for you.

  23. HJKelley47 says:

    Interesting you feel that, for I am African American, and I do not feel like this country wants me to be eradicated. Do I recognize that there is still a problem with some people regarding racism–obviously yes! But eradicated, NO! Not only that? but I am 65 yrs old, so I’ve already grown up and know Truth. It is hatred that keeps those types of feeling uppermost in people’s minds.

  24. lalitadityamuktapida says:

    And our own? politicians, bureaucrats and former rulers were absolutely blameless innocent angels?

  25. buzzin1975 says:

    Whites are to blame for the state? of non-White countries.

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