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Forensics is only for Private Investigators Part 6 of 6

by tom44 on November 22, 2012

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Each state has been trying to pass laws to prevent computer forensic people from doing their jobs without having a Private Investigator License. Some states have already made it a felony like Michigan. This is not about Private Investigators enhancing their skills, because this does not change any requirements for a PI to do computer forensics. It only changes YOUR job as a computer forensic specialist by making you work for a PI for two or three years. Your requirements and cost are the only changes.
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2 thoughts on “Forensics is only for Private Investigators Part 6 of 6

  1. hamidbelmont says:

    what? about international society of forensic computer examiner don’t they certifie qualyfied people ?

  2. Ichinin says:

    And i thought? EU law was horrible…

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