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Forensic Entomologist

by tom44 on April 1, 2013

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No Experience Necessary Maggots? Flies? Corpses? All in a grisly day?s work for a forensic entomologist. James Williams gets the gritty details. Check out more s…
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6 thoughts on “Forensic Entomologist

  1. donalduck815 says:

    Need an? apprentice?

  2. ashasjdhajdshfkjasdh says:

    now i know that evinindeath is? way wrong insects help with lots of things.

  3. mansky1977 says:

    fuck sheet dont uplod? that

  4. William Collin says:

    now i know 1 use of stupid disgusting? insects

  5. Matthew Potts says:

    last! that IS? an awsome job!

  6. DeathToFlyingSquirls says:

    First! That an awesome? job!

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