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Forbes’ Best Cities for Good Jobs in 2013

by tom44 on June 3, 2014

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What cities in the US have the best employment opportunities? Checkout places like Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and Austin in Texas (TX), as well as San Franc…
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Nick Hanauer, Seattle based entrepreneur joins Thom Hartmann. And the tug of war continues on Capitol Hill over extending the payroll tax cut that will expir…
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25 thoughts on “Forbes’ Best Cities for Good Jobs in 2013

  1. WoopyGoldbergsHair says:

    Are rich people are employed by poor people? Or are poor people employed by
    rich people?

    Rich people don’t create jobs? So when you start a business, you need
    “capital” for equipment, store front, employees etc… Do poor people have
    capital? Not really. Which is why they need to go to the bank. A place
    where people who have enough money to save (aka rich people) put their
    money they aren’t using.

    I suppose we could just confiscate the money that people make (over a
    certain amount} and let the people in Washington decide where it goes. Oh
    wait, thats what we have been doing! And look at where we are now.?

  2. G.I. Joe says:

    $300,000,00 x 15% = $45,000,000 in taxes. That’s not enough?
    It’s not the percentage it’s the net.
    Let’s make it a flat tax: everyone pays 10% of all income, dividends,
    capital gains above $25,000 with no deductions. Fair enough?
    This millionaire feels so strongly about this? Really? Then he can pay as
    much as he wants to the Federal Government. Notice Fartmann didn’t ask him

  3. John Coleman says:

    A great interview with Nick Hanauer about the state of the economy in the

  4. Xeno Phrenia says:

    An interview well before the TED talk with the person who made the
    so-called controversial talk …?

  5. Leandro Albornoz says:

    Like Hartmann says, when I learned back in 2011 that the wealthiest manage
    to be taxed at a 15% bracket, while I was taxed at a 35% bracket, I was
    like “whoaaaa, fuck that shit.” I sold my things and moved out of the US.?

  6. maccagrabme says:

    And on top of the middle classes getting poorer they have had to take on
    more debt to supplement a diminishing income whilst the rich have gained
    from this. Too bad more millionaires don’t get together and talk more sense
    like this guy, most rich are dumb with greed.

  7. CC3GROUNDZERO says:

    Your “pure capitalism” is a pure fiction, and would never possibly work.
    Bribery and corruption are very much an inevitable part of capitalism and
    “small government” (=weak democratic control). That thing which you call
    “crony capitalism” is actually capitalism itself, with all its shortcomings.

  8. NEG305 says:

    Luder Friegen tax the rich and cut unnecessary spending. Walk and chew gum
    at the same time

  9. Reignbow says:

    When people are living paycheck to paycheck, there is no money to lend out
    or store in the bank. A large portion of the middle and middle lower class
    don’t have any savings anymore never mind anyone on minimum wage.
    Capitalism has bled people dry. Look at Argentina, Greece, Italy… supply
    side Austrian economics FAILS every single time.

  10. CC3GROUNDZERO says:

    You think deregulation is going to make things cheaper and less corrupt?

  11. KATAERO1 says:

    I don’t think it’s illegal for him to pay more taxes to the IRS, so what’s
    his problem? The US is not a Democracy like the rest of the world, but a
    Constitutional Representative Republic, governed strictly by the Rules of
    Law, based on the Founding Principle of Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness
    & Equal Justice for All. It’s what glued all 50 “nations” together, which
    the EU is struggling to imitate. So let us stick to it. No bailouts, no
    “too big to fail” crap for anyone PERIOD.

  12. xxcrysad3000xx says:

    Our economic policy is a far cry from the Austrian model, so I’m not sure
    what to say there. If you are under the impression that arbitrarily raising
    wages, or redistributing income en masse is going to make the things people
    value (a cup of coffee, a car, a degree) more affordable, that isn’t the
    case, it will only cause the prices of these commodities to rise. If the
    real cost of a Starbucks employee goes up $1/hr, the cost of providing that
    cup of coffee has increased.

  13. Jeffrey Odolski says:

    Yeah, I understand what you’re saying. But let’s be objective here. I don’t
    think he was ignoring the issue of the government spending too much. It’s
    both a problem of overspending and as well as undertaxing the rich. I don’t
    think he was advocating the flaw of loopholes from the last few decades
    either — he is advocating the concept of taxing the rich appropriately. In
    that context, what he’s saying is actually right on the mark.

  14. xxcrysad3000xx says:

    It’s amusing to me that this guy who admits HE doesn’t create jobs is
    willing to speak for the rest of the 1%, the vast majority of whom do
    actually create real value and economic growth in our economy. Because of
    his shortcomings as an entrepreneur he’s willing to raise everyone elses
    taxes, what a generous guy! I’m all for some level of income
    redistribution, but this guy is dead wrong about the value that investment
    brings to the economy, and the benefits it provides to everyone.

  15. InfiniteMischief says:

    if we took every cent of every mega rich person we would not even come
    CLOSE to solving the debt that has been invented in America…does anyone
    really understand how big a trillion is? The FED just bailed out the Euro
    for another 7 trillion and we watch shows like this perpetuating the MYTH
    of the left/right political paradigm. This mainstream bullshit is part of
    the problem because it is a distraction while the 1% try and make their

  16. KATAERO1 says:

    How would you sum up the situation in Greece right now? However, I agree
    with your point about events in Europe leading up to WWII. I didn’t know
    that telling the truth is racist!

  17. GTBeauregard says:

    Its only a temporary fix; no industry = no jobs; no jobs = no tax revenue.
    It was government (under Clinton although its a bipartisan scam) who
    brought in the job destroying treaties – NAFTA and GATT; govt is now our
    savior? If you care about the economy support tariffs and get behind people
    like Pat Buchanan.

  18. Jeffrey Odolski says:

    This video is not about government spending though. I think he was arguing
    on returning to previous tax levels for the rich. Rich people didn’t move
    back then, haha. Their income was still at least 10 times normal employee
    income levels at that time. Today, their income can be found 100 times the
    normal income. Taxing the rich isn’t the problem — it’s taxing the middle
    class. If the government wanted to maintain their revenue, then reduce
    taxes on the middle class and increase it on the rich.

  19. Waz ramzi says:

    Did you hear, TED actually for the first month didnt want to post it online
    because it was too “political”.

  20. thescowlingschnauzer says:

    Yes, those are things we spend money on. What are you going to cut? All of
    them? May as well move to Somalia.

  21. g money says:

    I just dont get it. all this talk about OWS and the so called 1%ers, and
    Hartmann continues to support this prez who has surrounded himself with the
    very same 1%ers he claims to railing against? in Spanish we have a saying:
    “Dime con quien andas te dire quien eres” Translation: Tell me who you hang
    around with and Ill tell you who you are. Hartmann why dont we talk about
    the fact that your prez had prosecuted fewer cases of finanical fraud than
    the previous 4 prezidents??.

  22. CC3GROUNDZERO says:

    Sure, that’s probably why US taxpayers pay twice as much (per capita, and
    not including insurance premiums!) for the American “health” “care”
    “system” than what anyone else in the Western world pays, and they have
    universal health care. Deregulation and privatization means corporate
    corruption, without fail or exception.

  23. istraight1 says:

    “no industry = no jobs; no jobs = no tax revenue.” That true just after the
    New Deal as it will create demand which bases of any economy which create
    the industries, jobs and revenue. I like dennis kucinich and I am not
    against trading with other countries but it but their alternative to “free
    trade” which is fair trade and/or balanced trade. govt is now our savior?
    Still, yes as these so called “free trade” was just sponsered by idiotic
    corporations who believe that don’t still make enough $.

  24. istraight1 says:

    Is that what you want? Yes, if private sector is not going to hire it
    should be the government should be the employer of last resort under
    general welfare clause of the USA constitution.

  25. Luder Friegen says:

    Take advantage of it? What do you mean, get a job in international finance?
    (my field of study) I wish I could! You must be relatively oblivious to the
    world around you. Let me update you, in 2008 there was a financial
    collapse, and it’s still a rough economy. When you make as little as I do,
    minimum wage insurance exceeds regular pay as I live in pretty much the
    most democratic state in the union. In Texas, I’m assuming it works the way
    you described. Good job for trying to sound smart! 😉

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