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by tom44 on August 30, 2013

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  1. arash375 says:

    mci just? playing with students feelings and ruining there future

  2. jattatheart111 says:

    I can only offer this advise….Medical education has become a monetary exploitation, at all levels in all countries. It is 1000x worse if? you are a foreign grads. Not just do the schools exploit you so do the medical licensing bodies. It is a never ending nightmare that will not end. If you plan to be a doctor, go to school in the country you plan to practice. Otherwise do not go foreign. That MD at the back of your name is not work all that pain and suffereing otherwise.

  3. Praseena Prabhakar says:

    so? true!

  4. Manisha betty says:

    its a very heart touching video….its all that i have been through,as i am one of the students still in ukraine in the final year!!!….i was full of tears seeing this video? remembering the hardships we, as a student have been through in a foreign land…this video speaks a lot about studying abroad…nwyz nice video my friend….

  5. mikakami93 says:

    i know in India they cant? even dressed sexy lol jk

  6. atal bhaskar says:

    just Beautiful~?

  7. emperorsvd says:

    Just awesome? ….. Tears in my eyes ….
    Perfectly summarised !!!!

  8. snfsnfzx says:

    Yes, please stay? in India.

  9. Meghana Kota says:

    well thank u so much fr posting diz kind? f video .. my frnd is been in ukraine uniiversity mbbs student fr an yr n she told me da same ..i thought many dont knw abt da Russian facilites … but u made every1 to knw nw .. 😀 proud to b mbbs student in andhra pradesh 🙂

  10. swapnil deshpande says:

    i wrked i a gov hosp wd a stipend of 25 k? n nw wrkin in hosp …wd a salary of 50k… its nt abt d money bt…its my idividual choice i like it,,,, n i feel its totally worth … n the payment wch i said is in mumbai if u go 2 delhi ul get more..

  11. TheAntipsychotic says:

    respected sir, we would like you to give us some details about your happy life..’coz i have seen a lot of students who have already passed mci,yet getting only 20,000 rs/month..i dont call this a happy life…lol….i think this? guy has made this video inorder to let the ppl know the situations which they are going to face going back to india…so, why wouldn’t you share your experience here…we all would really appreciate your efforts..thanx..

  12. 20070257R says:

    awesome backgrounds….u maintained the feel till the end..!! keep it up..!

  13. swapnil deshpande says:

    its not that bad..mbbs is one of the best and secure profession … iam a fmge passed mci in 2009 …im very happy with my life…. i liked the video but al? the hardship is worth trust me guys ….

  14. SAMUEL BENZ says:

    u r absolutely? right

  15. Sanjana Paliwal says:

    Government should take some serious actions on this sensitive issue.
    I hope this video serve as? an eye-opener for MCI and govt. officials.

  16. Bhatia Rahul says:

    wow , one video? is enough to express 20000 indian students feelings in ukraine ))

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