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First Year of Being a Licensed Nurse

by tom44 on August 1, 2013

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year 1 of my nursing career.
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23 thoughts on “First Year of Being a Licensed Nurse

  1. adamdashawn says:

    I worked full-time the? entire time! One Word: Prioritize!

  2. adamdashawn says:

    Sounds pretty solid to me. You can earn money and gain experience while your in LPN school. Many nurses don’t think that being a CNA? first is beneficial, but I was miles ahead of my classmates when it was time to provide actual patient care to AN ACTUAL HUMAN BEING. I breezed through it can left me extra time for my book work. Go for it!

  3. Christina Marshall says:

    Hey Adam, I think it’s fantastic that you made it and are doing what you really want. It took hard work , dedication and sacrifice and you succeeded. Kudos to you! Question for you, I am going to start a cna program in September and then soon after I graduate I will begin my 13 month lpn course in march. Do you think I would be moving to fast? I was thinking I could get the experience as cna while attending school for lpn so that way it’s not too? much of a culture shock for me. What you think?

  4. adamdashawn says:

    Whoa…what shift??

  5. Mike Diaz says:

    25 residents is a blessing lol I work as an LPN in the bronx? nyc and its 1 lpn to 40 residents basically we are the charge nurse

  6. dbrooks12009 says:

    Been there. Done? that. Wouldn’t do it again. I’d rather get a job at Rite Aide.

  7. David Mays says:

    You should? do a reviews of tv shows like love and hip hop

  8. arluers says:

    Hi Adam! Congrats on your year! 🙂 How did you get through your program while working? Any? advice?

  9. Dominique King says:

    Good job man im in high school planning on being a travelling? RN nurse.

  10. michele536 says:

    Yay! You’re back! Keep up the great work! You encourage me, too, Adam! I’m a CNA applying to RN schools right now. I? look forward to seeing more nursing videos from you 🙂

  11. Elliot Storey says:

    Baby…. breath!?

  12. anotheruinaminute says:

    Aww…I’m so proud of you! Take your time to relax and get settled but pretty please don’t put school off too long. Trust me, I graduated college over ten years ago and have been saying I’m going back for my Master’s and haven’t done it yet I guess because I’ve gotten out of the school groove after working a? job. Anyway, stay focused, remain positive and stay hungry for more success!!

  13. Uma K says:

    a cna in ny- li makes 18hr…? lpn- 23-26hr

  14. CandanceLadyworks says:

    I missed? you boo

  15. SummerBaby731 says:

    LPN’s from other schools. (sorry about that) anyway good luck on going for your RN!?

  16. SummerBaby731 says:

    cont’d;? students over

  17. SummerBaby731 says:

    Thank you for this video! I graduate from my LPN school in January of 2014 and this was informative. The good? thing about my school is they also have a LPN bridge to RN program and they give priority to they’re past

  18. zouk61 says:

    omg ! nice to see you’re back !!? congratulations !!!

  19. adamdashawn says:

    13 months?

  20. adamdashawn says:

    Mentally yes! Physically not as much. ?

  21. CaribbeanBeauti says:

    Thanks for the update hun! Missed you! How long was your LPN? program

  22. Camwill78 says:

    Congrats on making it your first year!!!!? Wishing you many more!!!

  23. ddsmilesback says:

    Is an Lvn more stressful than cna in a long term care? facility?

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