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Finding Seattle Jobs Online

by tom44 on August 3, 2012

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No Experience Necessary – Seattle jobs are actually pretty easy to come by, especially if you know where to look. After an overwhelming amount of requests for more personal vlogging on this channel, I’ve decided to put this together. My day-to-day mundane life has never seemed very interesting to me, though if this is the kind of content you like seeing – I’ll keep making them. Math class was never my favorite class. I even volunteered to wash pots and pans to get out of having to go. My college years included some very low-wage jobs. My youth was really nothing special. Like any student, I struggled through some subjects and had take on low-paying jobs to make ends meet. Also in the vlog is our trip to the Seattle Space Needle. This giant tower stands 605 feet (1320 Milky Way candy bars) tall with a center of gravity at only five feet above ground. What was/is your least favorite subject in school? http
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24 thoughts on “Finding Seattle Jobs Online

  1. thedanielstefani says:

    I? want some Dicks ;-p

  2. 26wajih says:

    this video was done before? one year they got married this year….

  3. MrPlum5677 says:

    Wow one year later that? started doing vlogs

  4. MrPlum5677 says:

    In? march 2012

  5. otucentral says:

    they got married in febuary man. look at the video!!!!!!!!!!?

  6. garci590 says:

    This was great. Loved that last part where you included? the guy that had seen you in the “internets”.

  7. SuperMOaNiS says:

    why do u say dicks so many times, EVERY time u say it i just? keep imagining dicks, GROSS BUT TRUE…. (to the tune of metallica’s sad but true)

  8. TheFroggy2001 says:

    Are you MAD Chris – this is the? BEST THING you’ve done. You have NEVER been SO INTERESTING!!!!!

  9. lockergnome says:


  10. lockergnome says:

    Yeah, the outtakes stayed. :)?

  11. wojtekc27 says:

    why u call her ur girlfriend she is? ur wife man

  12. sparkie119 says:

    Seattle is a wonderful city. Took a late night flight from Abq.Had the best? time of my life-visited the Space Needle-Didn’t know a soul there back in 1995.

  13. lockergnome says:

    Thanks again!?

  14. poetrydiva says:

    Loved it! you guys? crack me up! Laughed so very hard about your several takes of ” so are you going to make more vlogs?” lol you guys are fun!

  15. insanity54 says:

    All around cool guy Chris Pirillo. I’ve been away from your community for over a year. Today I was eating peanuts and was reminded of your TV laugh attack incident, “…I was just eating my nuts. Almonds folks!” I thought I’d look you up to see what’s going on, and found out that you’ve started vlogging! I’ve looked up to you and have considered you an inspiration and a role model since I first heard about you, and this is a rare opportunity? to get to know you better! I’m watching all of these!

  16. karljnielsen says:

    that is? a dicks deluxe

  17. Grim1873 says:

    i just liked all the vlog videos under 1000 likes!? hazaa

  18. tommync2010 says:

    hey hey hey!!!!!!)? :(me tommync2010

  19. JaBunGa23 says:

    i took geo in 8th grade….i feel? like a nerd

  20. akakalvin says:

    I would buy the app if it came to Android ?

  21. MasterKiingDj says:

    oooo? My Bad

  22. Paul Hill says:

    M? stands for moot.

  23. kevingp12 says:

    this? video is a year old!

  24. Sytrusze says:

    I’am not the only geek that doesn’t love math,? hurayyyy

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