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Finding a job in Washington, DC?

by tom44 on March 16, 2014

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Question by 0864213579: Finding a job in Washington, DC?
I am moving to DC for the summer. How hard is it to find a part-time job? I am a college student and not looking for anything too serious. I have restaurant and retail experience. Any tips?

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Answer by uncgal22
There are a lot of different jobs in DC. A lot of jobs are in retail, and it depends on if you want to work inside or outside. You could easily get a job as a vendor, selling snacks, drinks, and souvenirs to tourists. Or there are jobs at places like Pentagon City Mall and Crystal City and Union Station. There are plenty of jobs up there in retail.

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One thought on “Finding a job in Washington, DC?

  1. Nana says:

    Do some online research for DC jobs

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