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Finding a job in the Bay Area?

by tom44 on May 21, 2014

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Question by Marissa W: Finding a job in the Bay Area?
I am 23 year old college student in the bay area. Right now I rely on financial aid.I am looking for a job and I am willing to work almost anywhere that is appropriate. I had worked in medical billing but only for a year. I had also volunteered at an old folks home for three years. Do you think there a lot of college students or people in general who apply to work in old folks home.

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Answer by postal p

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2 thoughts on “Finding a job in the Bay Area?

  1. chrisfs2 says:

    There are probably some who work in old folks home, If you are fine with that kind of work, apply at some local places. Checks for jobs.

  2. HealthyGirl says:

    Omg u and I are in the same boat. I finished school in 2011 and worked for a year though was laid off. I was offered an opportunity to relocate to Texas but i did not want to make that move. Anyways i live in Los Angeles but am trying to relocate to san Francisco. I too am on limited funds (savings) and am willing to take anything that is reasonable. I wish you luck and well im searching for a job up there because it is supposed to be a good place for recent college grads. However it is tough for me to find a job when i live in Los Angeles.

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