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finding a job after job corps?

by tom44 on May 16, 2014

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Question by lilvtb01: finding a job after job corps?
after you graduate from job corps do they really help you find a job?

Best answer:

Answer by The last Real guy
to tell the truth ur not going to work in the field you learn in job corps because it not going to make enough money i know cuzz i’ve been to two job corps when i was younger i went to earle c clements in kentucky and i’ve wen to bamberg in south carolina and the jobs you learn while in there not going to provide you with nothing its just to keep you from saying i can find nothing and they give you a bull shit ass trade tellyou that ur going to make this and that and ur not the only thing you can make some money in is welding so if you did anything else i’m sorry ur going to end up and go to college for four years and more if you planning on making any real money

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4 thoughts on “finding a job after job corps?

  1. Glory says:

    The only learned trade that is good for a job afterward is nursing . Building and maintenance maybe. When i left i was doing the college thing so they didnt try to find me a job the plan was to finish shcool at home- i really enjoyed Job Corps tho’ got my first car with my reo- After about 2 yrs they kicked me out because i became an “old-head”. loved it
    Anyhoo if you go try to use them for college thats what really helps in the real world

  2. Masaro says:

    You shouldn’t just keep looking for jobs; jobs make other people rich. Start your own business and make yourself rich, check out how i did it and maybe you can too

  3. Jayne says READ MORE BOOKS says:

    I’m not sure if they really help you find a job, but I hope the person claimed to be an alumni of Job Corps isn’t whose advice you are going to take — note the many misspellings and grammar errors in that post. If that’s how the person presents him or herself online, imagine how the person presents him or herself in person!

    If you choose job corps, then treat every day there as a job; treat your teachers as your bosses, and your fellow students as your professional colleagues. Fulfill your obligations, do the best you can, and visit the career counselors regularly — your teachers are going to become your references for a job after the corps, and the career counselors are going to help the people most who show initiative and drive.

  4. Jimmy says:

    If you’re not going to go so school (college/university), look into service jobs such as Electrician or plumber. They make good money and require that you graduate from a union training program.

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