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Filipino Nurses Discriminated Against With Hospital English-Only Policy

by tom44 on August 24, 2012

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25 thoughts on “Filipino Nurses Discriminated Against With Hospital English-Only Policy

  1. okinawadoc says:

    Its bad when the patients? complain about how they only speak Tagalog even while on rounds. A lot of patients have told me that they can’t understand ANYTHING they say because they do not speak English. I’m bilingual as well, but have the decency of speaking the language I know my patients will understand. Then there is the whole “Philippino Mafia” in Bay Area hospitals… Drives me insane how people get preference just because they are from the Philippines. Sad…

  2. ATBirdMan says:

    Applauding and supporting the nurses who spoke up and? defended themselves!

  3. pinkbeiser says:

    it? is just there are flexible people who can speak one or more languages-is there a problem with that? we have freedom-and i dont see any crime from someone who speak their own language-just respect and leave them alone.

  4. angelsing023 says:

    when you go to Asia, speak their own language as well okay? I DONT THINK THOSE PEOPLE SPEAKING THERE LANGUAGE WHEN TALKING TO SOMEONE LIKE YOU WHO DONT UNDERSTAND, Im SURE THEY TALK TO there own race, who have the? same heart of language.

  5. ATBirdMan says:

    HELLO! When in the USA, speak English! When in Norway, speak Norwegian! When in Italy, speak Italian! When in Russia, speak Russian! When in France, speak French! When in the Philippines,? speak Tagalog! If you cannot speak the language of the country you are visiting, then do not expect them to understand you! Learn their language, or just stay at home, eh!

  6. AcuGurl76 says:

    No one ethnic group should be singled out PERIOD!!! This is an obvious case of discrimination and I’m glad? the nurses spoke up. I’m not piney but I don’t think its right, esp not allowing them to speak their native tongue on their break/in break room. I have seen unprofessional phillipino nurses speak in tagalog in the presence of patients amongst themselves and I do agree that is very unprofessional. There is a time and place for everything and that includes knowing when and where

  7. jakeobina8 says:

    so english only policy is constitutional? it conforms with US Constitution?
    Its a free country. that rule does not conform with US being a? free country

  8. SouthernSniper74 says:

    I see you just want to argue,? If you live in the US, Abide by the rules. It’s that simple.

  9. jakeobina8 says:

    so english only policy is? right? its a free country

  10. SouthernSniper74 says:

    Nope it’s the same, It is like, if? I a “white male” employed over sea’s talking english chit chat in front of customers. Some customers feel uneasy and feel like they are being talked about.

  11. jakeobina8 says:

    if 2 japanese have chit chat conversation in front of you its? different? its a free country

  12. SouthernSniper74 says:

    No I get that, My wife? is a Pinay nurse…..But just having chit chat conversation in front of Customers is different

  13. jakeobina8 says:

    u dont get it if youre not a? nurse. comunication is important in hospital. best way of communication is native language.

  14. SouthernSniper74 says:

    Never mind you just dont get it.?

  15. jakeobina8 says:

    if the filipinos dont care about human rights why are? filipinos being hired to work?

  16. jakeobina8 says:

    its a free country why should it be english only?

    if youre american talking to american ,? will you talk in japanese in front of japanese?

  17. swiftcaballero says:

    talk? tough behind your back, but too fuckin gay in front of you.

  18. swiftcaballero says:

    filipinos —-? fake and gay ROFL, way true…..btw, pussies too

  19. XxEstevan904xX says:

    filipino nurses,in the u.s. all i can say.this is not a discrimination.this is a hospital policy, if you speak english supposed to be all the way. because your in the building. but if you left in the building. you can say anathing. and the second one hindi naman mababawasan yong paycheck nyo.if you speak english nothing else. you got that. ooh? my gosh…

  20. sagittariusinthehous says:

    I agree with SoutherSniper. I even knew it was about me. How did I know? I understand my parent’s dialect. I’m a pinay, but don’t look it. So all you filipinos? out there, keep it professional and don’t speak your native tongue at work. Glad I called the manager about her!

  21. SouthernSniper74 says:

    Well I know filipino’s are the worse ones in? american work spaces talking in front of customers in their native tongue.

  22. squamishfish says:

    i was in a hospital in Vancouver Canada mostly filipinos,Nurses,Lab techs,cleaners and Nurses aids. they spoke tagalo a lot exept when dealing with? the patients and others not filipino, they were very very good with the patients ,, Its no problem for me.. extremly good care providers..

  23. Krobra91 says:

    I remember being in the ER. filipino nurse took an hour to get a pillow and blanket when i was ill.. I thought okay maybe? shes busy. but i can see she was just chilling at the work station doing nothing but talking in their own language. Hell she even walked towards me with the pillow giving me a rude look and talking in her own language, i had a feeling she was talking about me. i reported it asap. Oh and she missed my veins for drawing blood about 5 to 6 times. -.-

  24. Krobra91 says:

    Reverse Discrimination!! Filipino nurses are well know for that.. Go observe them in the work place. They are the majority of nurses, they cannot be discriminated upon, and they are not the silent majority, Filipino nurses are the most outspoken advocated of nursing. Ive seen first hand how? it work. They disrespect non nurses like doctors and social workers who work in clinics and hospitals, complain how hard it is, yet they work 2 or three 3 jobs and above all that are rude to most patients

  25. TheLion8312 says:

    they knew that filipinos scared to talk back!!because the way we were? taught back
    home.if the thing happen to me I tell them to kiss my behind.don’t be afraid to depend yourself.

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