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Fiat Chrysler Bailout Bandit – DC Auto Show

by tom44 on September 30, 2012

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On January 30, 2010, consumers and union members performed a flash mob dance at the Washington, DC auto show to protest Fiat/Chrysler’s broken promises. Fiat/Chrysler received billion in the taxpayer-funded auto bailout that was meant to help the economy and save jobs. However, the company is now moving work away from the professional carhaul companies that have delivered their vehicles to dealerships for many years. The loss of this work could put these carriers out of business, leaving up to 5000 people without jobs and health care. And by using cut-rate carriers, Chrysler risks new cars being damaged when delivered.
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25 thoughts on “Fiat Chrysler Bailout Bandit – DC Auto Show

  1. fas852 says:

    it’s not even an American company anymore. Controlled by Linguineas from Rome. You know how reliable? cars from Italia are? This company is going dowm tragically.

  2. prettymuchright says:

    The Reality is Chrysler very well could pay the US and Canada Loans back in Full? by June of this year, Including Interest of course. All that without Any type of Government holding Majority Ownership Stock.

  3. prettymuchright says:

    Wow Chrysler chose to save, keep open what was initially closing, add second shifts and revamp? there manufacturing facilities Vs continuing with a dead minded group , SHocking

  4. BartmanMC says:

    why did we rescue chrysler? they? make horrible vechicles.

  5. bryanguy1 says:

    this is why auto companies? should only have 1 auto show in the us and thats detroit

  6. mattm0183 says:

    I was here at the Washington auto show and was amazed when I saw this display. Good protests by whomever these people are. By the? way, I’m actually in the video at 3:08. All the way on the right side of the screen I’m wearing a leather jacket and blue jeans and my girlfriend is wearing a red Ohio State pullover. I’m on youtube thanks to these guys! WOO HOO!

  7. HughieGphiladelphia says:

    Tell us the name of your business….so? the union can come organize it. lol. Your probably such an ass hole that your workers would sign up in a second. Its selfish, greedy, jerk offs like you that make unions a great thing!


  8. Scotte28516 says:

    Hey dumbass, you sound? like a union organizer, spewing untruths and trying your best to convince people that unions still have a purpose in this economy. I’ll close the doors of my business before I’ll ever let a union in, and legal or not, I’ll fire anybody in my employ who tries to bring them in! By the way, I responded back to your email you sent me, you toilet bowl licker!

  9. pfinman says:

    The most effective way to “kiss the manager’s ass” that I have found is being dependable and productive.? You give me the sense that you don’t do anything that comes close to this. I see us heading into another major downturn. I predict that you will be singing at a protest after losing your job, while I’ll have the job of working to keep my employer going. It won’t be easy for anyone, but I think that you will be the main loser, and productive workers will do fine.

  10. HughieGphiladelphia says:

    You probably kiss the managers ass. You’re the factory kiss ass.?

  11. HughieGphiladelphia says:

    corporate scum?

  12. HughieGphiladelphia says:

    Its is so sad to see people blame unions (who are the working American’s). People should be blaming CEO’s and the politicians who are controlled by them. The CEO’s and corporate politicians are the ones who destroyed the American job economy, NOT UNIONS..WHO? ARE THE WORKING PEOPLE.

    What cracks me up even more is people bashing unions are probably the so called “patriots” pro americans… JOINING A UNION AND BEING UNION IS AMERICAN!

    STOP supporting the CEO’s and support the union workers.

  13. pfinman says:

    The Teamsters are fools! They are repeating exactly what drove Chrysler into bankruptcy, and what caused the stock and bond markets to lose billions of dollars. Keep it up! Singing at a protest for your job is foolish. Working productively is? the answer, but the Teamsters are too stupid to realize this. With Obama in power, we are headed for another deep downturn before the Teamsters brighten up. It will be worse than 2008, but productive people will survive.

  14. 082207 says:

    Don’t join a Union,? just flip burgers for minimum wage YOU SHEEP!

  15. dodgechryslersucks says:

    Epic? and well warranted! Great Job!

  16. zombieholf says:

    jap car made for $4500 sold for $25000 in the U.S.A. made for $6000? sold for $25000 in the U.S.A. Same U.S. made Car sold in japan for $45000. see the problem now

  17. carolelaine717 says:

    Excellent Video, I hope to see 1,000,000 views? soon and a resolution to this problem from Fiat/Chrysler. Thanks Teamsters from Irene McDonnell Cahill, a Teamsters Local 580 member, Lansing, Michigan

  18. Scotte28516 says:

    For you all to? have so many scabs. you must all be blowing the same union boss! Lazy assed union sheep. Baa! Baa!

  19. dogstar7 says:


  20. dogstar7 says:


  21. dogstar7 says:


  22. thrasher1100 says:

    good video but it? should be targeted towards GM

  23. Scotte28516 says:

    @purepressure2004 – Not a scab, a business owner, though I’d gladly bust a union to put someone like you on the streets and out of work. You’re most likely the posterboy for lazy, overpaid, union workers. The only? scab is on your lip!

  24. antonioyasin says:

    Chrysler has more employees in America than any other Auto company, Also they use more US suppliers than anyone else! Also they hire more minorities than anyone else! Chrysler is TOO reliant on the US market, that’s why they were in trouble & Filed for bankruptcy. They NEED to be a Global player to compete with the other companies! Unfortunately you guys are ignorant, so you have no clue what it takes to run a business! Ignorance? is bliss!!!

  25. purepressure2004 says:


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