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Fast Food Workers Strike Seattle 5/30/13

by tom44 on January 24, 2014

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Following a night that sparked strikes at fast food stores around Seattle the people gathered in denny park to rally and the march upon other chain stores in…
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7 thoughts on “Fast Food Workers Strike Seattle 5/30/13

  1. Gecko Guy says:

    get a real job. go to a factory where the pay out is better. everyone watch
    my video on the mcdonalds strike. be sure to subscribe

  2. Death To Liberalism says:

    Behold! The shallow end of the gene pool!

  3. JoL™ says:

    they should strike at the Corp Companies buildings not at the franchisees

  4. Faken Name says:

    I hope that worker gets fired for leaving.

  5. maconsumner says:

    What’s the point? My 401K has a limited amount of stock in these fast food
    companies that I receive poor earnings from because of the decline of the
    industry because of their low employment and performance standard. Should I
    cash in my 401K and give the cash to these knuckle draggers? People in
    cooperate deserve more money because they risk more!!!! There is no risk to
    the rank and file burger flipper, they work, they get paid, that’s it.

  6. shantaycute says:

    Grow up

  7. Cliff Schaffner says:

    That’s why I don’t at any fast food places I only piss at them.

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