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Eye Lid Bleph Talk with Dr. Kotlus at Allure Medical Spa Detroit, Michigan

by tom44 on June 9, 2013

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Metro Detroit’s #1 Choice for Cosmetic Procedures!
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A candid behind the scenes look at how Emergency Medical Technicans get ready for a long day on the ambulance. This is dedicated to everyone in EMS.
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20 thoughts on “Eye Lid Bleph Talk with Dr. Kotlus at Allure Medical Spa Detroit, Michigan

  1. Karen Occardi says:

    nice over here? our ones rock

  2. MothraVsTheWorld says:

    so i know? its me when im on tv! yep… thats the only reason to wear it!

  3. Spydie Lee says:


  4. Tyler Shockley says:

    Minitor Bitches?

  5. JON SPENCE says:

    LOL really apparently I get ready for work the wrong way!!!!

  6. Ben Asack says:

    pager bitch!!? hahaha
    i love it

  7. Jonathan Suarez says:

    haha? that uniform is ugly.

  8. Josh Sarver says:


  9. tfld55 says:

    Doubt it would be that much different? 🙂

  10. meghanandjohnny says:

    wait…did you say for the ladies…i didn’t hear you!? lol

  11. felixdahcat says:

    hahahahahahah this is so? retarded

  12. talon115 says:


  13. alvon911 says:

    Yeah, we got one of those where? I work!

  14. MrEmt2003 says:

    That’s PA’s EMT Patch on his right sleeve!

  15. Miranda Winters says:

    he is dubid so dubid he need? to get fired i thik he so cute not not relly

  16. MelancholyxRequiem says:

    Epic win!?

  17. tangosierra7 says:

    If only he’d had? a set of hemostats hanging from his shirt collar. That’s the mark of a true pro-feshnul. LOL.

  18. sonoshan says:

    Is the old spice, axe, and cologne to cover up the fish? smell lol

  19. 4dQUe5EhnnCwBADJXyKs says:

    what about all the other EMT’S that are ladies……………?

  20. l0v3n0that3 says:

    LMAO!! I wish my hubby took that much? care in his “getting ready for work” rituals lol.

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