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Extremely nervous about job interview any advice?

by tom44 on April 21, 2013

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Question by TROLL MINER: Extremely nervous about job interview any advice?
I am very nervous about my job interview I feel like the anxiety. Its causing me to feel like vomiting. What are some tips and advice?

Its for an Information Technology job.

Best answer:

Answer by Rob Pawlak
These kinds of encounters are more about confidence than actual “know how.” Bring notes if you have to, but just slow down, breathe, and present yourself in the best way possible. Stressing about it will just get you flustered. Remember that you’re talking to another human being who has experienced nervousness too, but it doesn’t mean you don’t professional.

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One thought on “Extremely nervous about job interview any advice?

  1. The Interview Coach says:

    The best way to reduce your anxiety is to prepare as well as possible for the job interview. If you feel well prepared, you will feel more in control and more confident and better able to cope. You can start by thinking about how to answer common job interview questions and what sort of questions to ask the interviewer. The site below will really help you to prepare properly for your job interview. Good Luck.

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