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Every 15 Minutes

by tom44 on July 2, 2013

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PATRICK HENRY High school.
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25 thoughts on “Every 15 Minutes

  1. Pat Belville says:

    my mom actually sets these up she? works for greenwood mortuary, i went to patrick henry, i now work for the san diego medical examiners. i see this on a weekly basis, used to drink and drive all the time. not anymore.

  2. westcoast857 says:

    yes i actualy? go there

  3. tori snape says:

    there not real? just look like it

  4. Erica Kiley says:

    It is so sad that some people have to lose? their lives to teach a person or people a lesson of how drinking and driving is the stupids mistake you will every do.

  5. Sunshine Estes says:

    this looks sooo? real!!!!

  6. harajuku131 says:

    lol im goth and the reaper pick me and i the makeup ppl was like oh ur lucky u dnt have to do ur make up because you put white powder and black lipstick and eyeliner? already so they ddidnt put the makeup on lol

  7. Kevin James says:

    Every 13 minutes according? the Florida test

  8. Ruth-Elizabeth Page says:

    Very effective. Whoever came up with the idea for this should be congratulated. ? I think this should be implemented in every school/college here in England and in the US. It must be expensive to stage – but who can put a price on lives? Not to mention the costs involved in emergency service work, health care, etc. for future accidents avoided.

  9. David Black says:

    I? used to go to ph then i moved to san pasqual high school over in escondido, they did the same thing at our school.

  10. lexxxxyo says:

    is this in san diego??

  11. 2pac4life400 says:

    that pic of pac is fake man dont believe it
    he dosent have the MAKAVELI tat on his neck

    THUG LIFE but i really think that pac may be gone tho
    my friend teacher said that pac had an open? casket at his funeral
    so if thats true then he wasnt cremated BURY ME A G

  12. Harley1641 says:

    ? how does a car crash happen on the track and the football field? oh well our 15 minutes was in front of the school. i was? really emotional being on the front of the car all bloody..

  13. AJJ619 says:

    do they just pick random kids in class to take? out??

  14. jazziscool123 says:

    OMG i remember as a little girl when i was passing a school and i saw this in the front yeard of their? school… oh god i thought it was real!

  15. emmad7776 says:

    this? is going to sound awful but i wish they would do something like this in england, it would teach a lot of kids a lesson!

  16. yakuzafromhiroshima says:

    someone? should learn how to spell.

  17. Mizz035 says:

    ur a fucken dumb ass for thinking thing that r trying to help others is funny if u? dnt want the help dont take it bt bt comment stuff like tht cuz ppl dnt wana hear it JACK ASS!

  18. mmellisaaa says:

    i get to? see this next year, the video almost made me cry.

  19. shinylipgloss39 says:

    its not funny? this is so real it teaches us a lesson

  20. yakuzafromhiroshima says:

    this is the funniest shit ever?

  21. colorguard1218 says:

    West Hills did this 2 weeks ago, but it was way more realistic and it was in the drop off circle. But the “drunk driver” is one? of my church friends and I had no idea he paricipated in this, let alone was the drunk driver.

  22. usmctanks1 says:

    love the passion, but your solution is not realistic (in this day anyway). Consuming alchol is legal, so I think you mean to increase the penalty for DD as well as not allowing the plea bargining that drops down a well, “murder” to a traffic violation. Probition will NOT? stop alchol, it actually increased use and crime, but your heart is in the right place!! semper Fi

  23. el samurai guapo says:

    It’s the government’s fault though. If they had the balls, they could eliminate…or at least greatly reduce drunk driving. Introduce a new prohibition, and this time, when people break the law and create a black market for alcohol, bring down the iron hammer on them.

    Execute anyone who is caught consuming alcohol. That’s what? needs to be done with drugs too. The punishment for being in possession of a controlled substance should be the gas chamber, not f’in probation.

  24. el samurai guapo says:

    That’s not involuntary manslaughter. When you make the decision to drink and then get behind the wheel of a car, you’re showing a WILLFUL disregard? for human life.

    Drunk drivers should be executed….on the spot, by law enforcement.

    There’s only one cure for stupidity….a .40 to the cranium.

  25. wookristenson says:

    not really.? it was involuntary manslaughter and the most people ever get for that is 6 years. so 15 is a legit number for 2 involuntary manslaughters.

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