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Ethical Insights: IT Forensics, Ethics and Risks

by tom44 on May 2, 2014

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25 thoughts on “Ethical Insights: IT Forensics, Ethics and Risks

  1. DeVry University says:

    We’re sorry that you feel this way. Can we help resolve any outstanding
    issue? Please send us an email at DeVrySocial [at] DeVry [dot] edu and
    someone will get back to you. Thanks!

  2. DeVry University says:

    @MrSephers2010 – Thank you for your interest in DeVry University! You can
    explore our online degree options by going to and clicking on the
    “Online Options” link in the left side navigation bar. If you need more
    help please send us an e-mail at

  3. tachi203 says:

    So sad =( I guess this helps people catch idiots. I guess noone ever
    thought about checking there computer with encap first? Or cofee….Or any
    stupid program that really wouldnt catch a tech savy criminal. I mean…Can
    you recover a file from a drive that has just been wiped (With a single
    push of a button) with a gutmann 35 passes wipe. Plz note, that is 28
    passes more than the NSA operatives use to delete their data LOLOLOL. I
    call bullshit.

  4. pbjazzy says:

    DeVry isn’t alone in the lawsuit game. A quick google search came up with
    many “For Profit” schools involved in massive class action lawsuits:
    University of Phoenix, National University and Kaplan all have lawsuits
    pending or are settling out of court. Singling out DeVry in this seems a
    little short sighted. As far as the mentions in Family Guy and the Soup, I
    can only say that when you’re at the top, you’re an easy target. I’m not
    lucky by the way nor am I a liar.

  5. DeVry University says:

    That’s wonderful news! When do you plan on studying with us? Or have you
    already started?

  6. Seph Sephers says:

    Can I study online with Devry?

  7. Zach Jones says:

    I went to DeVry for over a year. It was the worst and most expensive
    experience of my life. I am currently getting a BAS in Digital Forensics at
    another college which is actually “hands on” DeVry claims to be hands on
    but this is a lie. You cannot be hands on in a class that only lasts an
    hour, for two days a week. I have learned so much more in the SIX MONTHS
    since I enrolled into a different school than I did at a year of DeVry.
    They also claim to help you find a job, which is an outright lie.

  8. pbjazzy says:

    I’ve been through several schools before DeVry. I often believed they were
    the worst educational decisions I could have made. I had holds on my school
    accounts from these other schools, but I remedied the issues holding up my
    progress. If you don’t like DeVry, I’m okay with that. I’m not okay with
    you devaluing my accomplishment because of the problems you have had. If
    you want an education, you have to own it. All of the other “for profit”
    schools I have attended have complaints with BBB.

  9. pbjazzy says:

    I’m blessed, hardworking and honest. You should try it sometime. You might
    like it.

  10. asdealmeida1 says:

    @tachi203 You clearly don’t have a clue on what you are talking about. lol
    SSD’s are the ones that are difficult to pursue forensic investigations not
    HD! Anybody can do a live dd image on a regular SATA disc and do a analysis
    whereas SSD takes time and patience as it is FDE’d by default on the Sector
    Level. The HD is in clear text unless encrypted with something like
    Truecrypt or so. How to do a police a favor?! Get a small regular SATA
    drive in size ~80gb then you will do the Police a favor

  11. tachi203 says:

    @DjAdam16 ?? what are you talking about? you obviously dont know what I am
    talking about.. encrypting your drive doesnt delete anything…or clean
    your footprint.. if they seize your harddrive u r screwed. I’m talking
    about recovery and truely deleting/erasing or completely corrupting a drive
    long before it is seized(Thus even if they seize it., it wont get them
    far). O yes and as for your SSD beliefs, research (FTL)Flash Translation
    Layer and what happens when you try delete something on a SSD

  12. DeVry University says:

    Thanos923 – We’re sorry to hear that you feel this way. We stand behind our
    academic programs, career services, and the many students who are proud of
    what they’ve accomplished at DeVry University. If you’d like to speak to
    someone regarding your concerns please send an e-mail to DeVrySocial [AT]
    DeVry [DOT] Edu.

  13. pbjazzy says:

    DeVry was my best and one of my last options. It worked for me. I don’t
    mind if you inform as long as you give people the option to make their own
    decision in the discussion. You own your life and everything you do, good
    or bad. Mistakes happen, and we all have to own up to the responsibilities
    for the mistakes we make. Don’t let anything stand in the way of your
    future. Good luck on your future endeavors.

  14. AssassinCreed2Fan1 says:

    Thank god i didn’t graduate, I was from Devry from late 2006 to October
    2009. Tinley Park, IL. My situation was not as bad as others. I think i owe
    $25,000, i didn’t finish due to holds. Compare that to people that did
    graduate that owe $60,000 to $100,000 dollars.

  15. GenCollado says:

    Why is that you guys respond to the question with the same exact response
    as to others? Your response is as fake as your degree!!

  16. pbjazzy says:

    You still didn’t answer my question. College costs money. Most colleges
    cost an average of $70k to $80K for a degree, even the public,
    federally/state funded ones. Some, such as University of Oregon and USC,
    cost up to and over $200K to attend for 4+years. I’m looking into similar
    schools as these for my teenager, and I’m not liking what I see
    financially. I’ll stick with my $60K degree, which got me more hands on
    than any publicly subsidized college I’ve attended.

  17. DeVry University says:

    Hi GenCollado, we’re sorry that you feel we respond the same to our
    comments and that you have such a negative opinion. Is there an issue we
    can help you with? Let us know by sending an e-mail to DeVrySocial [AT]
    DeVry [DOT] Edu. Thanks!

  18. detroitsbest says:

    do devry accept all itt tech credits?

  19. nelson perez says:


  20. DeVry University says:

    @tbf7691 It’s unfortunate that you feel this way. I know that many of our
    graduates are really proud of the work they’ve accomplished. Are you a
    graduate? If so, have you tried utilizing resources such as our Alumni
    Association and our LinkedIn groups to network? Feel free to e-mail us at for more information. Thanks!

  21. tbf7691 says:

    @MrSephers2010 dont do it you will end up like me, large debit, and no job.
    Go to a real college this place is a joke.

  22. DeVry University says:

    We’re sorry to hear about your difficulties. Are you a member of the Alumni
    Association? If so, are you taking full advantages of the benefits? Check
    it out at alumni [dot] devry [dot] edu.

  23. anzwertree says:

    @MrSephers2010 What can’t you study online these days? Don’t settle on a
    school too soon though. Shop around. You’ll find computer forensics to be a
    hot field right now. And don’t stop with college either. Get some
    certifications as well. You’ll likely learn more about those throughout
    your college career. I got my CEH certification but there are many others
    that can augment your portfolio and make you more marketable as a
    professional in your field. Best of luck to you.

  24. pbjazzy says:

    I’ll restate and rephrase my question. What college have you graduated from?

  25. pbjazzy says:

    I graduated recently from DeVry. I got a job while I was in school because
    of my attendance @ DeVry. I went from $25,000 a year to almost $40,000 a
    few months before graduation. “Real” colleges (i.e. government funded) are
    charging $40k to $50k A YEAR over 5 YEARS! Do the math. I made out just
    under $60k TOTAL and am easily able to afford the loan repayments. DeVry
    helped position me for another advancement at work, which will bring more
    to my table at home, while still affording to live.

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