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Enzi: Reid bill means fewer jobs, more taxes, higher health care costs

by tom44 on July 22, 2012

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Washington, DC If the customer doesnt like what youre selling and they cant afford the product, its time to find something they want and can afford. That is the case with health care reform, said US Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., in a speech on the Senate floor today while referring to the .5 trillion Reid health care bill. The voices of August are still out there and they know this bill is more of the same. It is time to listen to our customers and find an alternative they want and can afford, said Enzi. As a former small business owner, I learned in my shoe stores that if the customer doesnt like it – dont try a new sales pitch – find a new shoe. Enzi also spoke with a group of Republicans at a news conference Friday about the flaws of the Reid health care bill and the increased taxes it calls for. Under this flawed bill, if you take a prescription drug, you will pay a new tax. If you use any medical devices or equipment, from walkers to wheelchairs, you will pay a new tax. If you do not have health insurance, you will pay a new tax. If you do have health insurance, you will also pay a new tax. And if the government decides your health insurance is too expensive, there will be a new tax for that as well. The problem with our current health care system is not that we dont pay enough taxes. Americans actually want to lower their health care costs, and not just pay more taxes to the federal government. All of these taxes will only increase costs, making health care even more

WASHINGTON — The US Army Corps of Engineers formally reopened its Washington, DC-area Veterans Curation Program laboratory at its new location in Alexandria, Va., May 1, 2012. The new facility replaces the laboratory that was opened in Washington, DC in 2010. The Alexandria laboratory is one of three Veteran Curation Program labs funded and operated by USACE, joining the two labs previously opened in Augusta, Ga., in October 2009 and in St. Louis, Mo., in December 2009. Each site was selected because it is home to high populations of veterans and returning wounded veterans. Approximately 10 veterans are being trained and employed for up to six months at each laboratory in computer, photographic and scanning technologies that will be applied to the rehabilitation of USACE archaeological collections and their associated records. After six months, another group of approximately 10 veterans will be rotated into each lab for training and employment. The technical skills learned at the labs will be transferrable to potential future jobs outside the labs. “President Obama called for a new Veterans Job Corps initiative to help our returning veterans find pathways to civilian employment,” said the Honorable Jo-Ellen Darcy, Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works. “This is an incredible program that I talk about every chance I get. It finds a positive and innovative way to put our returning veterans and disabled veterans to work, while protecting and caring for our nation’s
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