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Entry-level journalism jobs in DC metro area?

by tom44 on March 31, 2014

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Question by Taryn: Entry-level journalism jobs in DC metro area?
After monitoring sites like and, I’ve noticed that the overwhelming majority of the listings are for upper-level positions.

I have four years of political reporting internship experience, and I’d like to work in DC now that I’ve graduated. Any tips on where else I should be looking to find entry-level media jobs?

Suggestions very much welcome – thanks!
Some clarifications: I’m specifically referring to print/online media jobs, and I’m not necessarily looking to break into a huge publication like Politico or WaPo – I know that there are a lot of smaller media options in the area. Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by no_ah92
Suprising that you want to go into that field as everyone says journalism is dying. But I say go back to the place you interned and ask for a reporter job. Also, contact your journalism professors to see if there’s a spot for you where they previously worked. Good Luck!

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One thought on “Entry-level journalism jobs in DC metro area?

  1. spotlite28 says:

    Most news people at that level work their way up through smaller markets.
    There are little stations all over where reporters go to hone their craft.
    I was at a station in market 120something where most people were right out of school and the News Director really pushed them to take what they learned and apply it better and learn more.
    I’d suggest finding a job somewhere smaller… Do your two or so years there. And move up till you get to DC. How long and how many little stations that is depends on how well you take your skills and use them and get better.

    BUT! Also! Send your tape everywhere you want to go. You never know. They might love you.
    Or you could just to ask for tips and critiques. If you know what your dream station is looking for, you can start off smaller and get great at it so your dream station will grab you when you talk to them again.

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