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Employment in Las Vegas?

by tom44 on April 23, 2014

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Question by : Employment in Las Vegas?
I’m 20 & I’ll be moving in Las Vegas from Hong Kong. I’m a US citizen by the way who was born and raised here in HK. I have 4 years in college (never graduated), never had “real jobs” aside from some part times in stores if that counts. I’ll be living with my grandmother in her house.

So I was thinking, what jobs are commonly needed in LV now? I need serious answers please (no prostitution). I know of the 13% unemployment rate in LV (if i’m correct).

BQ: Are those call center jobs with free training for real? I’ve read ads of it here in the internet.

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Answer by Your Uncle Dodge!
There are always sales jobs in Vegas. And you have it slightly off – Las Vegas unemployment is 16%, tied for worst in the USA. I suggest it is a bad move to go now, but I don’t know your circumstances in Hong Kong.

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3 thoughts on “Employment in Las Vegas?

  1. jack says:

    If you’re interested in the casino industry.

    When you turn 21YO:
    While I believe Harrah’s* is the best company to work for. With Station casinos not too far behind.
    If you’re bilingual You may want to check with MGM. They cater to the Asian market. Don’t take this the wrong way, But, intelligent and good looking will get you in the door. What you do from there is up to you.
    *Harrah’s has an intern program for those finishing up their degree. I can’t recall if you have to be 21YO or not.

    I have 4 years of college(never graduated)
    I would suggest that you complete your degree.

    Until you finish your degree and turn 21. Waitress may not be the most glamorous job, but…

    Good luck

  2. A Hunch says:

    From the Bureau of Labor Statistics – the Las Vegas unemployment rate is 13.3%, down from a high of 14.1% in December. Vegas is a transitional place, so there are always people hiring. And really the big change is that jobs that were previously full-time with benefits are now part-time with no benefits (people working these jobs also show up in the unemployment rate since they are under-employed).

    Assuming you speak Cantonese fluently, I would gear my job search to the Chinese tour industry. This is big in Vegas. Since you aren’t 21 yet, this may be a problem. You have special skills that are desired in Vegas, you will have much better luck going this direction than competing for jobs that anyone can get.

  3. Somer Romero says:

    It is very hard to get a job at this time.. no ones hiring and if they do they require alot of experience.. but if you know someone then that’d be easier

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