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Empathy: The Human Connection to Patient Care

by tom44 on September 27, 2014

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Patient care is more than just healing — it’s building a connection that encompasses mind, body and soul. If you could stand in someone else’s shoes . . . h…
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25 thoughts on “Empathy: The Human Connection to Patient Care

  1. Jean-Sébastien Iker says:

    If you don’t cry when seeing this, you’re not not an human but just a
    robot. Humans will win against robot, I sware it?

  2. croix444 says:

    2:14 ohgodthey’regonnacrashohgodthey’regonnacrashohgodohgodohgod…?

  3. Jeanne Murray says:

    Excellent video. Reminds us of how we really are All Connected. I cried?

  4. John Rose says:

    The Comments for this Video represent how IGNORANT most people are when it
    comes to our Lifestyle Choices Causing most of our Illnesses. Only 2 of
    the 26 Scenarios presented in this Video represent the only thing Doctors
    and Hospitals are good for, which are for things that are Outside of our
    Control. 5 of the 26 Scenarios represent unrelated Scenarios and the other
    19 Scenarios should NOT even exist as these are Lifestyle Related Problems
    and there ain’t NO F…ING Hospital, Doctor or Drug in the world that’s
    going to help you for a Lifestyle Related Problem!!!

    If you really have Empathy for most of the people in this Video, as well as
    everyone else who places their Trust in the Status Quo, it should be that
    they are being TORTURED in the name of Medicine!!!

    Indeed, all of us must heed the words of Philo of Alexandria, “Be kind, for
    everyone you meet is fighting a great battle.”?

  5. Viktor Nagornyy says:

    This is geared at healthcare, but it speaks to us all and something we need
    to remember. #empathy #bizedu ?

  6. equa rit says:

    What is the purpose of this video?! American corporates creates videos like
    this with certain untold motives. Kind of fearmongering.?

  7. Sunshine Bella says:

    Empathy: The Human Connection to Patient Care:

  8. Vincent Huygens Tholen says:

    Bekijk deze video op YouTube:?

  9. 23Preppy says:

    That’s why I volunteer ?

  10. David Chilcott says:

    Empathy: The Human Connection to Patient Care – YouTube

  11. Ann Lewis says:


  12. Azat Türkmen says:
  13. Suzanne Gray says:

    I found this to be very disarming and humbling.?

  14. Okware Ronald says:

    Patient care is more than just healing — it’s building a connection that
    encompasses mind, body and soul.

    If you could stand in someone else’s shoes . . . hear what they hear. See
    what they see. Feel what they feel. Would you treat them differently??

  15. Integra says:

    Ver y sentir a través de gestos, expresiones y posturas: “el valor de la
    empatía en la sanidad”.
    (Publicado por Análisis No Verbal)?

  16. Madhosh Ramakrishnan says:

    Proud to be a medical transcriptionist serving this industry…?

  17. materialgirl338 says:

    Empathy we all need it. ?

  18. Javier Arteaga says:

    Un excelente video para mostrar la empatía con los usuarios de un servicio

  19. Natey Three says:

    Awesome video on empathy!?

  20. Sharon Holmes says:

    Just because we can’t see everything with our eyes does not mean we should
    be blind.?

  21. Chris Attig says:

    This weekend, a Veteran posted on my Blog that all attorneys should be shot
    in the head (or words to that effect).

    I read a dozen posts insulting VA employees (and not the bureaucracy they
    function in) for things that were not their choice or not in their power.

    I’m so sick of the hate…it’s time to change the tone of our conversation
    with the VA.

    I believe in a FURIOUS and RELENTLESS attack against the VA Bureaucracy.

    But I also believe in treating VA employees – fellow human beings – with
    civility and kindness.

    Let me ask this: If the people in this video were all VA employees, would
    it change how you treat them?

    If not, then you might have a clue why nobody seems to care about your

    Empathy: The Human Connection to Patient Care?

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