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Easy security guard job in Memphis in memphis?

by tom44 on May 1, 2014

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Question by Tod: Easy security guard job in Memphis in memphis?
I was thinking about getting a graveyard shift security guard position in Memphis. I thought about this because I need to study a lot anyway so mind as well get a job that lets you sit and read and get up once every 30min or so to do rounds. So I was wondering if most security jobs are like this? If not then do you tend to get lucky and get one like this or do you get to pick and choose (since security guard companies are the ones that hire you and send you out to diffrent places).

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Answer by gulfstream_five_fifty
Try the Federal Reserve Bank on 2nd street.
Exit 1a off of I-40… Its a fed job with good benefits.

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One thought on “Easy security guard job in Memphis in memphis?

  1. r_77_p says:

    I would say some, not most, security jobs will allow this. I would be honest with your employer on your intentions and they may try and accommodate you. A few companies to consider: Securitas and Wackenhut.

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