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Easter Medical Staffing

by tom44 on May 4, 2014

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Medical staffing agency specializing in temporary and permanent job placements for physicians, nurses, physician assistants, CRNAs and nurse practitioners.

A 2009 Brazilian commercial for Hell at work. Life can be so unfair. More commercials : .. All rights reserve…
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25 thoughts on “Easter Medical Staffing

  1. LV23 says:

    Chill guys, that’s just a commercial!?

  2. pachi lanzas says:

    what this guy needs is a good Internal Comms. Dept!!!?

  3. The pie lord says:

    can i have this job?

  4. nyckid10 says:

    It’s not healthy to have a boner for the whole entire duration of your
    workday, so I would pass on this job as well :)?

  5. CsnXtreme says:

    I want to arrest those lady’s for disturbing the piece in my pants?

  6. phuntsok Takring says:

    Prob he is gay?

  7. ThtSp1r1t says:

    i misread therapist for “the rapist”?

  8. oski holm says:

    my dream job?

  9. Dennis Curtis says:

    I wish I could Massage Jessica alba butt all day long, or Drew Barrymore’s
    entire body or Jeniffer Annistons breasts……With my Tongue…….?

  10. Shaurya Gupta says:

    Dude I have massaged my mom’s body and it’s not cool?

  11. DinoTuberz says:

    Think again, its not just about girls.. X’D?

  12. Devilek1986 says:

    he is in a Paradise and he has never known this?

  13. Philip Callan says:

    Funny Brazilian commercial.?

  14. Ahmed Nazim says:

    “hard” job, if you know what I mean?

  15. W├Ârner Christoph Georg says:


  16. John Martin says:

    Trabalho duro !-D?

  17. C Ganta says:

    Complain about your job? It can be worse!?

  18. Alexis ROLLAND says:


  19. Mayank Mishra says:
  20. vukos84 says:

    omfg this man crazy i would do this job for shakin ass of hot models :-O

  21. kgarcia0703 says:

    I’m a massage therapist and there is nothing sexy about my job. It’s a
    tough job but i love what i do. It helps people relieve their pain.

  22. pmrb1984 says:

    he is dad of Justine biber… NO? what a ultra gay

  23. Hlava222Tube says:

    permanently erection

  24. Baadass Mofo says:

    Nice idea but NOT REAL!!! S T A G E D !!!!!

  25. vivek pal says:

    hme is me job krne ka muka milega kya

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