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Dot Calm : The Search for Sanity in a Wired World

by tom44 on December 22, 2016

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Dot Calm : The Search for Sanity in a Wired World

Information is being generated at an astonishing rate, thanks to a proliferation of increasingly sophisticated technology tools. People are more informed and more connected than ever before, but the price is stress and a pervasive sense of overload.In such chapters as “”The Connection Conundrum””, “”Launch the Search Engine Within””, and “”Your Digital Divide””, the authors offer practical solutions for simplifying life, slowing down, and finding time for family, friends, and even a vacation. Th

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Digital and Computer Forensics Examiner: Cyber Security Forensic Analyst, Job Interview Bottom Line Questions and Answers: Your Basic Guide to Acing Any Forensic Technology Services Job Interview

Why this Book: It will help you to convey powerful and useful technical information about Digital Forensics to the employer successfully. This book tries to bring together all the important Digital Forensics Investigator interview information for a Last-minute interview preparation in as low as 60 minutes. It covers technical, non-technical, HR and Personnel questions and also UNIX commands used for forensics. You will learn to practice mock interviews and answers for a Digital Forensics Inve

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Price: $ 9.99
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