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Does vegas have high cost of living?

by tom44 on January 30, 2014

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Question by Heather: Does vegas have high cost of living?
Why is everyone telling us that the cost of living is higher in vegas?

I look at apartments on craigslist and alot of them are way cheaper then what i pay now in ohio and they look so much nicer too.

I pay $ 800 a month where i am now. But when me and my bf move to vegas we would like to stay under $ 600 a month in case anything happens.

My bf has friends out there who can probably help him with the job part plus he will have his actuarial science degree in like a month,

We are moving in August when our lease is up here. i can just transfer in my job. so im not worried about that.

someone told me you dont pay taxes is that true? or is it just low?

If you think vegas does have a high cost of living what are your reasons for thinking so?

And what are the living areas to avoid?
I am able to transfer if they need me or not. They don’t have a choice they have to take me. Also my bf will be getting a job with his friend. Which has nothing to do with his major.

jobs are not an issue.

These are the bills we pay now: what do you pay?
Rent $ 800
Electric $ 140
Water $ 30-40
internet only $ 55

no tax on food, 7% tax on clothes and other items.

Best answer:

Answer by Easter Eggs
it’s in the middle of the desert… what do you think?

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5 thoughts on “Does vegas have high cost of living?

  1. shoredude2 says:

    There are NO jobs in Las Vegas. Nevada has the highest unemployment rate in the nation. So don’t count on the fact that you’ll just be able to transfer. And the jobs that they have pay less than other places. And I highly doubt there are jobs for an actuarial science degree in Las Vegas. Most of the jobs are service jobs.

    There is no state income tax. Real estate tax is low. Every other tax is ridiculously high.

  2. Cendi says:

    If you want to live in the less desireable part of the area, yes you can get an apartment for $ 600. You will not get an apartment for $ 600 in an area where you are going to feel safe to walk from the parking lot into the apt at night.

    Actuarial science is a degree that is part of the insurance industry. If you were in Columbus, Minneapolis, or Omaha your boyfriend could probably easily get a job in his field. There is no insurance industry in Vegas. It’s very doubtful that there is a need for any acturarials in Vegas.

    If your friends can get him a parttime job, that’s great. But with one person working a parttime job that won’t go far – you have rent that wil be comparable to your current rent, higher car insurance, higher medical insurance, higher gasoline prices, higher food costs, higher utilities and everything else than what you have in Ohio. With unemployment over 12% there really is few jobs to be had.

    There are no local or state income tax. To make up for this you have higher property tax and higher sales tax.

  3. Linus says:

    Vegas is surprisingly very inexpensive place to live. However, there are currently few jobs and about 15% unemployment.

  4. banananose_89117 says:

    Our COL is high like LA. A 600/month apartment is not in a reliable area of town! Power bills are very high in summer due to a/c Water is high. Internet is about the same.

    We have no income tax but there is 8.1 on sales of everything but food.

    If you have jobs guaranteed you could be OK but otherwise dont move here.

  5. zappid says:

    Cost of living in vegas slightly higher but similar to most of Ohio. You won’t pay state/local income tax in Vegas, but you’ll pay a higher sales tax because most of the taxes generated in the city is tourism. As far as rent, you shouldn’t have a problem finding an apartment similar to yours as far as size/amenities, but as others are saying, the crime rate is higher, so you might not be in the “best” of areas. It’s true, unemployment is much higher in vegas, so job security should be an important factor you consider. Hope this helps and good luck!

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